Sunday, October 17, 2004

Submit A Baby Related Article For Publication

We welcome submission of articles related babies, whether an article about raising babies well, or simply sharing the joy of it all. To submit an article, simply post it as a comment by clicking "comments" just above this message. Follow the instructions from there.

Want to Write for Us?

For those that would like to publish more than one article, simply send us an e-mail telling us what kind of articles you are interested in writing. We'll e-mail you an invitation to publish, at which point you can submit articles at will.

We regularly review these. If the article is appropriate we will post it to the main part of our site.

In order to be considered appropriate, an article must be related somehow to raising babies well, be useful and informative, and not simply be a self promotion article. You are free, however, to promote yourself with a tasteful link to your site in the form of "article courtesy of".