Thursday, March 17, 2005

Baby Names

It is some natural event that whenever a child takes birth, the family members rejoice, and there is no limit of their happiness! The parents and other members of the family thanks God for the gift! And if the Grand parents are also there, their joy is doubled with the arrival of a cherub.
The parents starting planning about so many things that they have to do about the child, and how they could be able to ensure a safe future for it. But the first thing that comes in the mind is the name of the baby. This is a big task, as there are lots of reasons for the baby to be named with a particular name.

The trend of naming a baby depends upon the language of that country. Because the name is a part of the language, so it plays a major role in finalizing the name of a child. There are lot of reasons for naming a child and some of them are given below:

Historical background of the name
Regional background of the name
A good literal meaning of the name
A famous personality having that name
Reference in old books of the name

All these factors plays important role in determining the name for a child, and choosing one of them depends upon the choice of parents or the authorized person to which this duty has been assigned. Sometimes people prefer to name a baby by a spiritual leader or a person, who has dedicated his or her life to the divine. This practice is very popular in India and almost all the people here prefer a name that has got some spiritual significance or some historical background. The rich culture of India provides a variety of India and the number of languages in India, which is above 550, provides a rich variety for the language factor also. However, the major part of these names has a meaning in Sanskrit or Hindi and Arabic!

However, due to the shortage of books in Sanskrit in common household, who are educated in other languages, there is always a problem to find a suitable name. These people refer the astrologers and these astrologers give them a consonant to choose the name. This practice of going to the astrologers is very old and almost everybody does it in India. However, sometimes these astrologers refer a consonant that is no so common for getting a name, and the problem starts. First there are shortage of books and other materials, which have a good store of stories, and also there is lesser number of people who know languages by good reasons. This makes the problem a considerable one.

And this is where the resources on the Internet play a good hand in providing the names and their meanings in various languages that are compiled by the specialists. There are also printed books available for getting a suitable name, and these books are getting famous in the households.

Recently, one of my friends had such a problem. --His sister gave birth to a baby boy and they were searching hard for a good name that has some spiritual meaning with it. We were studying in the college and we had Internet access there, and his family members were trying to find a suitable name in the spiritual books that they had in their house. My friend searches long on the Internet and found a name that he liked, for, it sounded good and also had a potent spiritual meaning. He returned home happily; for, he had found a name after all, and when he told his mother about the prospective name, she wondered much! Why? --She also found the same name in the spiritual book and the coincidence concreted their belief that this was the right choice for the name. Indeed it was a good coincidence.

Really, Internet has everything for you: whatever you search for, you will get it and perhaps may have some coincidence like my friend had!

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