Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Baby Names

Naming your child is one of the most difficult and exciting parts of becoming a parent. Many people look to tradition to name their babies, some look to the most popular Hollywood names, while other parents find the names for their babies in the Bible. Every year there are a number of baby names that are overwhelmingly popular. These popular names reflect changes in society, and are a sneak preview of new baby names for years to come.

Years a go, names like Barbara, Linda and Patricia were exceptionally common for baby girls. These days, though, it is very rare that you will find a baby girl being called Patty. In 2004 the top five most popular baby girl names were Madison, Emma, Abigail, Riley, and Bailey. Looking back to 2003, the top five names in that year were Emily, Emma, Madison, Hannah, and Olivia. For the coming year, it is difficult to tell what the top five most popular names will be. Celebrities and television shows tend to have an effect on the names that prove to be prevalent. For instance, the names Beyonce, Brandy, Selma, and Penelope have gained popularity due to the notoriety and success of the stars of the same names.

For boys, names have also changed dramatically over the years. To go along with the Lindas and Barbaras of a couple of decades a go, boys were often named William, Harold, Richard and Lawrence. Now, though, baby boy names have become a bit edgier. In 2004, the top five baby names for boys were Aiden, Ethan, Caden, Caleb, and Dylan. In 2003, the five most popular names were Jacob, Michael, Joshua, Matthew, and Andrew. Most likely there will be some new and interesting baby boy's names to add to the list for 2005.

If you are looking for inspiration for your new baby's name, nothing is off limits. Books, movies, television, even Shakespeare and the Bible, may provide you with a baby name idea that sounds and will be the perfect fit for you and your new little one.

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