Monday, March 21, 2005

Buying baby clothes

To buy clothes for somebody else is a hectic work and sometimes you end up totally wrong-fitting clothes, though you thought that you have bought the best! And if you have to buy the clothes for a little child, it becomes doubly easy. For men who knew lesser about the fitting of the child, this shopping is a cumbersome process and they generally tend to avoid it. I had a similar experience when my friend asked me to shop with him for his sister's baby boy, as he wanted to make a gift on its birthday that was fast approaching!

We were doing some job at that time and were staying away from our homes and, therefore, there was no female member with us who could have helped us immensely. However, we entered the showroom that has a large collection of baby clothes. We asked the salesgirl to show us some good baby cloth pieces that could be gifted! She asked the size, the color and some styles that we never heard about; for, we knew about the styles of our age, but nothing we knew about the styles of little babies and, therefore, we showed our helplessness in telling her exactly what we wanted!

Then we decided something else and told her the age of the baby and asked her to show whatever she had for that age babies. That worked and she showed some fine pieces of baby clothes and also told the prices for all the particular articles. It was a hard choice, as almost all the pieces were lovely and we wanted to buy them all, but had not the money to do so. It is a very general opinion that the baby clothes are more comely than the clothing for adults! However, we arrived at a consensus of buying a "Shervani", which is a famous attire at the time of the marriage for the bridegroom. This article was becoming famous at that time and particularly for that age babies. It was of maroon color and looked good, and my friend imagined how it would suit the color of his sister's son!

We asked the salesgirl for the price of those articles again, as we were confused about the prices of so many clothes, and when she told us we were a little taken aback! --It was more than my friend expected to spend on the gift and he was thinking what he could do. Then we calculated some other things and finally settled with the price, as the salesgirl offered some relaxation in the price, and he also though that he would somehow manage the money. We get the suit packed and came out of the showroom and looked in one another's eyes, for, we both were amateurs and had never done that type of shopping before. Really it was a very good experience and at that time of our life we came to know the value of having a female member while shopping baby clothes, for, the females knew almost everything about them and make the shopping easy and pleasing!

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