Friday, March 18, 2005

Crucial things at the time of birth

The time of birth is very crucial for your babies and there are certain things that need to be taken care of, and perhaps the doctor has already suggested some precautions for you. There are dietary controls, work control and movement controls that you need to address before the birth of the baby.

However, we will discuss some other types of practices that were very famous in ancient India, and these in turn, ensured a bright future for the child. Many of the people in India itself have regarded them as just superstitions and never done the things, but there are scientific reasons behind some of them, and therefore, these practices can not be completely ignored.

It was very clear that why these practices lost their effect on the minds of Indian itself, for, these were spiritually oriented and sometimes look like superstitions. But mind you, they are potent and have scientific support to prove their efficacy!

One one of them, was to avoid reading, watching and talking the stuff that is not very good for the growth of a child, like back-biting, obscene movies and abuse-filled sounds. These all have a lot of effect on the baby inside the womb of the mother, and there was a similar story of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata--an ancient epic of India--who learnt the art of military in the womb itself, while his father Arjuna was relating some stories to his mother Saubhadra! Dr. Har Gobind Khurana also proved that genetic changes could be accomplished before the birth of a baby, and he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work. In ancient India, women used to read and listen to the glories of God or some other godly men, who had led an exemplary life. And no wonder that the people of that era was more peaceful and loving to all the creatures of the world!

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