Sunday, March 27, 2005

From Ears to Video Monitors..

From Ears to Video Monitors
by Eliza Ferree

Wow! Technology sure has come a long way, it was once upon a time ago when mothers just listened carefully to the first sounds of their baby moving around in their bedding and today we have little computers with web cams to show us the first movements of our young ones. Of course this new technology doesn't come to us as cheaply as a monitor or a mothers sharp hearing, but it does come in handy. The price may be pretty steep for some that are used to buying only the monitor devices but it can be very useful.

A mother or father can now leave the baby in his/her own room. Maybe they want to spend some alone time now that the baby is sleeping. Or you just want to watch some television or get on your computer. With this little computer also known as a video monitor, you can do practically anything you want and still get to see your baby.

With my first two children I got the hand monitors, which worked out fine except when the neighbor would get on the phone or a plane with fly over. I also wanted to try a video monitor but could never bring myself to buying one at the cost. My girlfriend later bought one and I could tell it really would've been perfect for me.

The video monitor actually comes in with a 6.5-inch screen, ac/adapter which means you don't have to waste batteries and an audio monitor. The audio monitor lets you hear your baby but don't worry he/she won't hear you. I am waiting to hear that they've made one that you could talk to your baby too, especially for those that sing their baby to sleep. This works great at night and during the day so don't worry about not being able to see your child in the darkened bedroom. So, if you are the type of parent that has a child that needs watched during their sleep or just you want to watch them purchase a video monitor.

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