Monday, March 21, 2005

Innocence of babies

The babies make their own world of unknown fantasies that are not known even to them even, but they keep on making them and engross themselves in it completely. However, there is a hungry and querying mind that propels them to learn about the new things that they can cognize and can have the hand upon. And according to psychologists, this inner drive motivates them to acquire new arts and methods, language, and all other things that are required to live in this world comfortably.

Parents like to provide toys to their children, so that babies can have a good time and feel engrossed and the parents can resume their routine chores. For, a child never allows it mother to father to work comfortably, if it is not given some work to enjoy or something to play with! And this is where a very interesting fact comes before the eyes of the grown-ups, as almost all the children try to open up or tore the toys that they are handed. What for? --Just to know what is lying inside it! Yes, this is very interesting factor for the people who have some spiritual or mind towards the higher values of the human birth. These savants say that the human mind is eager to know what lies inside every element and atom, but it does not make any try to find what lies inside itself! Very strange observation, as it may sound, but for the people who have a ear for these kind of things, it is an eye-opener and almost the essence of all the advice. They go on to say that the God resides inside us and we should make every try to realize this fortune of us that we are born as human beings. And there is no argument that babies are believed to be the most beloved of God, for, they are innocent and possess no evil thoughts for anybody. So we must become like the little babies and try to explore within!

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