Monday, March 21, 2005

Why use an Umbrella Stroller?

The Umbrella Stroller isn't a bad purchase, I know many people think why buy something that is cheap. But really it's not cheap. An umbrella stroller can come in handy in more ways than one.
1. First they are lightweight, which means you can take them just about anywhere and it's easy for lifting. Moms will love this, especially when they are trying to hold the baby and get the stroller out of the back end of a truck. They fold up much easier than one of the more expensive brands do and they are small enough to fit just about anywhere in your car.
I remember buying one of those double strollers for my second child, thinking it would be great because I had two. Sure it was great but it wasn't always convenient. My three year old would sit in it as well as my younger one, but when I needed a ride home one day due to the heat, it was very hard putting it in someone's car. First, we tried folding it up but it gave us a hard time. We finally managed to fold it and then we had to find a spot, it wouldn't fit in the spot behind the passenger seat, not with the kids in the car. We tried putting it in the front with me, it almost fit, my feet curled in my lap and all. After rearranging all her groceries in the trunk we managed to shove it in a spot and slam the trunk down before it decided to pop up or something. I thought about how it would've been easier if I had had the umbrella stroller that day, it would've easily fit in any of those spots we'd tried without a problem and would've got us home much faster.
2. The prices are great. They range from 9.99 on up, but normally for just a plain umbrella stroller they won't go over $20. They have a lot of versions that are much higher in price, but this would all depend on what you really were going to use it for, ie, if you were a jogger they have some great umbrella jogger strollers.
When it was time to purchase an umbrella stroller I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money but wanted one that wouldn't break for a while. I use strollers for every day trips, whether I'm walking the block or going to the store. I also do a lot of frequent trips to the library and the stroller ends up being the book carrying case, while I hold the baby. This stroller would have to be able to hold books and I knew if it could hold my child it was a good purchase. I looked around and didn't like the way the $10 ones looked so I walked towards the character ones. There was Spongebob and Barbie, knowing my husband Barbie was out of the question and the kids loved the other. To this day I still use it, just this afternoon I used it at a ballpark while watching my son play baseball.
3. The umbrella part of it is light and will keep the bright sun off your child's face and body. However if it starts to rain this will not keep them dry.
Here are some reasons you may choose not to use one:
-If you don't like saving money
-Know that you will have more than one child in it
-Plan on keeping all your groceries in it
-If it rains a lot where you are
-You have a newborn
Remember just because something doesn't cost an arm and a leg doesn't mean it's a bad purchase. It might actually be worth it in the long run.

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