Saturday, April 30, 2005

Babies who cannot stop crying in the night taught me plenty

Basically I was extremely fortunate in that none of my two children cried endlessly at night when they were babies. Only that I did not know it then. Well at least until my grandson came along too early and too unexpectedly and made me know another side of babies that I had never experienced before.

But then I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start the story from the beginning.

Both of my wonderful children (a boy and a girl) were rather considerate babies and generally slept through the night most of the time. I remember even on the few occasions when they were ill, they were really not too much of a bother at night. Maybe only waking up very occasionally while running a temperature.

That is a far cry from my grandson. It is a long story how we ended up in the situation where we had to literally bring up our grandson as if he were our own third-born child (many people still think he is), but I will try and sum up that lengthy tale.

Shortly after my daughter had her baby (we advised her very strongly against aborting - but I don't want to get into that debate here) she had to go back to school and so guess who was left to look after her toddler son, barely a few months old?

From the experience of my children I thought that the whole thing was going to be a breeze. That was really the reason why I agreed to it so quickly. To be very honest with you, had I known what I was going to face, I would never have accepted the task. People should carry their own crosses, even when they are your children, should they not?

The baby would wake up at all sorts of odd hours of the night and cry out his small lungs at the top of his voice. Many times, there was visibly nothing wrong and so my wife would have to get up and sit up with him the whole night. The moment she would dare put him down to try and get some sleep, he would abruptly wake up again and scream at the top of his voice.

Other times the young fellow would be genuinely ill. He seemed to have some weak chest and the doctor called it something complicated and assured us that as he grew older, it would vanish (that is exactly what happened. My grandson is now 4 years old and a very healthy chap. You wouldn't believe what he put us through, if you looked at him.)

But at that young age then, he would wake up wheezing and in between breathing difficulties, the young guy would just cry and cry. And of course my wife was exhausted and worried. In fact at one point she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

The whole thing just opened my eyes to the fact that as similar as looking after babies is, different parents have very different experiences

I would wake up and stick around feeling pity for myself and wondering what my daughter was thinking when she went and got herself pregnant at such a young tender age of 17.

After a while I grudgingly decided that since I was being kept awake I would as well try to make use of the time.

I joined an online affiliate program here and there without making too much money. Still I started learning lots of things about the internet.

It is that education that is helping me in my full time online business today.

The point of telling this story is to encourage fathers out there who end up in the sort of situation I did, that they can make use of this extra time forced upon them by a baby who can not stop waking up the neighborhood at night.

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