Friday, April 01, 2005

Forty-two and Pregnant!!

It actually happened! There was no doubting that tell-tale positive showing on the pregnancy test stick. Was I in shock? You bet! I had all but given up becoming pregnant after trying for over a year. It really is amazing how time changes your body! When I was in my twenties, I easily conceived three children, who are now teenagers. If I wanted to become pregnant, I was pregnant. Charting an ovulation calendar would have been completely foreign to me back then. Taking my temperature? Only if I was sick!

I think I actually took my body for granted. I conceived easily in the past, so why shouldn’t I be able to do so now? Age is just a number, right? Wrong! It may be a number, but age also can play havoc with your body, at least the reproductive parts of your body. If you read the statistics, which I didn’t in the beginning, it actually seems like a miracle that I was able to conceive at all without some type of fertility treatment.

I didn’t take planning a pregnancy lightly. After all, my children were teens. Did I really want to start over? Did I want to be the mother to another teen when I was in my fifties? However, my new husband had never been married and didn’t have any children of his own, and I knew he would make a wonderful father. What better gift could we give each other than a baby?

Sure, with my children from a previous marriage on their way to independence, we could have lots of time for just the two of us, but did we really want or need that time? Don’t get me wrong. My wonderful husband made it plain that he was happy with me and my children, and if we didn’t have a child of our own that was just fine with him. But, I kept asking myself, “What if we do have a child?” Can I juggle working full-time, running teens here and there, and a baby, too? I wasn’t getting any younger, of course.

But then, I looked at my own life. I’m the baby of four children, and there is ten years between myself and my brother, and my sisters were fifteen and seventeen when I was born. Could history repeat itself? My mom always said that when the doctor told her she was pregnant with me, he said, “This baby will keep you young.” As I watch my elderly parents with my own children, I think of what they would have missed if they hadn’t had me and later my children as their beloved grandchildren.

So, when I had practically given up hope, the almost unimaginable happened! I was pregnant! I did manage my pregnancy just fine as I continued to work, and now our precious baby boy is about to turn one year old. As I look at his sweet face, I wonder how I could have even doubted whether I should try to get pregnant. As I watch him with his sisters and brothers, who all adore him, I shudder to think at what they would have missed not having him as their baby brother. And, when I see my husband lift his son into his arms, I’m so happy that we are able to share the magic of this child together. Sometimes life has a way of taking decisions into its own hands, and I’m so glad! I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!

Susie McGee

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