Saturday, April 30, 2005

Help Your Baby Learn

Your baby's brain is growing and changing each and every day. Baby learns
on a daily basis from all the things baby sees, hears, and touches. Baby is naturally very interested in watching and listening to the people in his life and this helps your baby to learn without even trying.

Your baby has been absorbing information and processing it since birth. Baby has been learning from everything he or she sees, hears, smells, and touches. Babies develop good memories and are able to remember sights, sounds, smells, and touches after they have been exposed to them before.

There are many different types of videos, toys, and accessories on the market today that make the claim of being able to make your baby smarter. Some even claim to be able to help you bring out the genius in your baby. It is important to remember that even though some of these products may be stimulating for baby, they are mostly unnecessary. Baby can
learn and be stimulated by being walked around your home, having, things pointed out to him, and listening to you talk about what you are showing him. Baby may not understand, right away, exactly what you are saying, but in time, he will understand you completely.

Pick your baby up and touch her. Babies feel secure and happy if they know you will attend to their needs, and even, many of their wants. If baby is crying and miserable pick her up and hug and kiss her. Babies learn much more when they feel happy and secure.

Responding to your baby in a loving and attentive way helps baby to learn. Talk to your baby in a regular tone of voice. Talk about everything such as how your day is going, what chore you are doing, how cute she is, what kind of flowers you are looking at, and whatever else comes to mind. Just keep right on talking. There is nothing wrong with baby talk as long as it is not the only way you talk to your baby.

Read to your baby. Start from birth and read and show him a variety of books. Even very young babies enjoy looking at books filled with brightly colored pictures. Your baby will enjoy the sound of your voice as you read to him, even before he understands the words you are saying. Buy some of those books made just for babies and let him touch and play with them. Do not worry if baby tries to chew on or lick the books. This is normal and most books meant for babies can be wiped clean anyway.

Get out and about. Go out for a walk everyday, if possible. Point out interesting things to your baby. Remember, however, that things that may seem boring and normal to you, like a fire hydrant, just may be of interest to your baby who is just learning about the world. Take baby to the park. Trees, grass, and flowers are wonderfully stimulating. Visit friends and
family, go to the mall, visit museums, go to baby story hour. It really does not matter what activity you choose, baby will learn something from it.

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