Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Innocence of Babies

The babies are certainly nearer to God, and the birth of a baby shows that God has not forgotten mankind! Everyone loves babies, because they are innocent and have not learnt the art-and-craft of worldly hypocrisy. A baby speaks what is in its heart and mind. A baby never tells a lie, and this makes the babies, an embodiment of purity and sincerity. The babies are free from wiles and guile of this world! And no wonder that for a mother, the baby is a fantastic experience, for, it brings charm and engagement in her life and adds newer dimension to her activities.

Among all the things in this world, I love babies the most. It gives me immense pleasure to listen to those small children! A baby's prattle is like a fresh breeze in the world, which is suffocated with foul smell. Their faces bloom like flowers and they never practice frauds as many of the elders do! Their fun and frolic is spontaneous and, thus, they shower happiness to all like the Sun, irrespective of caste, color or creed! Babies are good friends and they never cheat or deceive. And it is a pleasure to talk to them in their un-understandable language and gestures, which they or the God can aptly guess!

If you are tired from the hectic schedule of this world, and have a tight work in your office, spending some times with the babies is a good option. Just forget about everything and be like a child with them; and think, you will never like to return from that experience. It is so enjoyable and free of any anxiety that even the best moments of your life could not be able to give you that unalloyed joy. And if you are blessed with the gift of babies, try to enjoy their company as much as you can, and strive to provide them with best atmosphere in this world, so that when they grow up, they may say that their elders have provided them with a heaven to live in, and not a hell to die in!

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