Friday, April 08, 2005

Mother responsibilities in the child development

There are many factors that contribute to the development of a baby after it has taken birth, but there are some other points that can affect it greatly when the baby is in its development stages in the womb! You may also call them hereditary effects but there are some factors that can adversely affect the child of your child, and they greatly depend on the mother, for, she is conceiving the child!

They are sometimes called environmental effects, and though the fetus develops in the protective buffer of the womb, events in the external environment can affect it indirectly through the mother. Mother's eating habits, drug use, physical health are some of the factors that can have some influence on the development of child's growth!

Eating habits of the mother

There are a variety of food that the fetus requires in womb, and the mother should take proper care and advice while selecting the food type during the pregnancy period. There are proved reports about birth complications and neurological disorders due to excessive maternal malnutrition. Therefore, it is generally advised to the pregnant women that they should regulate their dietary habits according to the recommendations of an expert gynecologist!

Drug use by mother

Using drugs is bad for anybody, but it is potentially dangerous for pregnant women to intake any kind of drug other than the prescription provided by the doctor. Women sometimes take drugs for their relief that are somehow related to the embryonic development and may cause some problems.

Alcohol should be avoided during the pregnancy period, because it can cause many types of problems in the baby like heart defects, irritability, hyperactivity, and mental and motor development.

Tobacco is also equally dangerous, as it can cause some resistance to the flow of oxygen from mother to the fetus; and this in turn, may be the cause of miscarriages, stillbirth, and other birth complications.

Physical health of the mother

Physical health of the mother is very important for the total development of the fetus, as the baby inside the womb has almost no defense to infections. The immune system of the babies develops slow and late and, therefore, illness during pregnancy can be a factor of concern for the mother!

It is clear from the above discussion that the embryonic development of the baby greatly and significantly depends upon the mother. Apart from emotional and psychological attachment with the mother, the child shares much of the health of its mother. And therefore, women should take proper care of the diet and their health during pregnancy. It is always advisable to follow the guidelines of the gynecologist and the expert who is dealing with the case. Sometimes, you will be asked to spare some of your tastes and habits, but that is worthwhile, as the baby is more important than the habits and tastes. Getting a baby with physical and mental problems is more painful than to control us for a short period of time during pregnancy!

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