Saturday, April 30, 2005

Planning Your Child's 1st Birthday Party

by Eliza Ferree

Your child is just about to turn a year old and you are getting ready to throw him/her a party. What kind of party? How many kids? Simple or extravagant? Will your child even remember it?

Before you totally stress yourself out on preparing this huge fair like party that many of us do for our 1 year olds lets think about things and ideas. You don't have to have the parade come to town for your one year old, trust me as they get older they'll want it then, not now. Better to save that money for those times.

First if you are not going to make a cake and plan on buying one remember that most stores when you buy one cake you can get the one year old a cake for him/herself. That's right go to your local grocery and ask if they have the special, this way when your child digs in no one has to shy away from the cake. I mean would you eat someone else's cake after seeing their hands all through it? I know I can't and wouldn't expect others to do it.

If you are making a cake, think about your child. You don't have to make it all fancy because within moments it'll be all squished up and on their plates anyways right?

A simple candle or a candle in the shape of a number one will do. You don't have to go in search for that perfect candle and you don't want to get a trick one because your baby isn't going to get the joke.

When it comes time to invitations think about what you want. Do you want everyone on the block to come? Do you want it just to be yourself and immediate family? Just close friends? The daycare center?

If you have chosen to have the kids on the street come over you might want to have something for their older siblings, unless it is strictly little babies. If it is just babies, lay out a blanket and toys and they will probably be just fine. Time it so not all babies are napping. If a blanket isn't going to work you could always pull out the playpen and stick a couple in it at a time, after all most of the babies are going to be clinging to mom and dad.

Just having your own family is a great idea as you don't have to worry about everything getting broke or someone getting hurt. You are only entertaining yourself and your family, total focus on your child.

If you REALLY want to have a theme here are a few ideas:

Teddy Bear Party, this would be a cake in the shape of a teddy bear and lots of decorations of teddy bears throughout the house. If you want to get really crafty you can use a lot of brown and blue or pink balloons, depending on sex would depend on color.

Barney Party, this would be a Barney Cake and lots of purple balloons everywhere.

I know there are other cartoons the babies watch now and maybe your baby always watches it, just think of which ones they LOVE and do it up that way.

If you don't really want to make a cake you can do cupcakes and this way it is already dished out, all you have to do it pass them around.

Remember this your child will probably never remember this event, except from what you tell him/her happened and the pictures you took. Make sure not to forget to take pictures of this day, this will help them to see. Which ever you do, try not to stress over it.

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