Thursday, April 14, 2005

Potty Training, is he ready?

Potty training, is he ready?
By Eliza Ferree

Is He Ready?
I pondered this at least three times with each one of my children. The first time my son was only a few months old. It was just him and I and he'd always follow me into the bathroom so when he started to tell me he had to go potty by showing signs I thought nothing of it. I had never officially trained him as I've heard so many talk about. But instead of letting him use my high toilet I went out and bought him a cheap potty chair. It was the type that is white, thin lid that snaps on its own little potty and you remove the bottom if they really pee in it. However, it would snap and catch his bottom most of the time, but he did learn. I knew he probably wouldn't use it too much though since it did do that, but I wasn't concerned about that because since boys mostly stand he would easily reach my toilet and when he had to sit I'd be there to help him. I ended up having to move so he had to go back in diapers until it was over so there wouldn't be any accidents on the road.

Parents if your child KNOWS how to use the potty don't stick him back in diapers, this will make them return and you'll have to do the process all over again.

Once we were settled into our new home I thought I'd just be able to take off the diaper and he'd go right for the potty. It didn't happen! I slid the underwear on and he'd have an accident, I knew he use to know this but it appeared that I'd confused him by letting him pee in diapers. He would have one accident after another, I wasn't totally sure why. Was it me putting him back in them? Was it the move? Was he not secure in his surroundings? Was it a phase? I had absolutely no clue but I knew that it took a long time for him to feel comfortable enough to finally want to learn on his own.

Right before he turned three years old we were in the clothing store when he saw Rugrats underwear, "Mommy I want to be a big boy!" I wondered if he was really ready to try this again. I did buy them of course and put them on him the next day. You know he never would have an accident, I did ask him why too. "I don't want to pee on Chuckie Mommy." For many I know you would laugh but it instead it just dawned that I had done it. He was potty trained. Yes, there have been a few accidents from time to time late at night, but he had done it. I have discovered not letting them drink anything an hour before going to bed helps to distinguish this problem.

Each Child is Different

With my second child it was much harder to train her. I had believed she'd be just like her brother, but that wasn't the case. I tried training her around the age her brother first tried (before I stuck the diapers back on) and figured I'd be able to do it. I failed that first attempt and tried a few months later.

The second attempt I actually went out and bought a potty chair like her brother ended up using. If they went potty a star would appear at the bottom of the toilet, however she realized if she stuck water on it, it did that too and it became a toy. This did not work! At this point (her outwitting me that is) I decided once again I'd wait for my child to take the lead. We were watching television one day when I saw her pretending to use the potty, well not her it was her doll. She would take her doll, sit her on the potty and clap, this made me have hope that it was time. We drove to the store, I picked up a pair of panties she chose and then off to the doll aisle. Not just any doll we got the type that if you give it a bottle it will leak. See where I'm headed here? Once at home I brought out her potty to the hallway and showed her that she was suppose to sit like her baby on the potty and go potty. We both clapped when the baby went on the potty chair, of course she didn't go this day. She went the next though and every since. This just goes to show you not all babies are the same, not even the siblings. They will learn when they are good and ready and no matter how much money you spend on neat potty chairs that do all types of things to stickers and prizes. I can say to stick with it and don't give up, if you get them to learn don’t stick them back in the diapers.

Third time is the charm right?

I would just begin with don't count all your eggs until they are hatched. My youngest (not quite 2) has shown some interest. Well I did go buy her a potty chair as I never kept the other ones. It's just a simple one but when you need to change it you pull it out from underneath, it slides, so you don't have to take the whole thing apart. Another bonus is you don't have the lid so it’s not shutting on them. This one has a purple top so it adds to color.

She follows me to the bathroom whenever I go in and she walks in and out as she pleases, sometimes she'll sit on the potty that I have for her in there, while others she just makes sure where I'm at and go on. Recently I saw her use her potty a few times, even took her diaper off by herself when I hadn't figured out what she wanted. Is she ready? I don't know, but I will figure it out when she wants to go. I have total faith in her and after having two other children I have learned there is no rush for when a child is ready they will tell you. She went on the potty twice today, the rest of the time she used her diaper but either way she was happy and let me know. When she uses her potty she does this little dance and song, I have no clue of what she is singing but I know it is praising of some sort, afterwards she'll run over to give you a high five.

Just remember not to force your little one or they will do just the opposite and always encourage them. If they use the potty clap, high five or give them a giant hug, because after all they just took another step in life and you were there to see it.

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