Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tooth fairies, special places and losing teeth..

By Eliza Ferree

Children lose their first baby teeth between 5 and 6 so its basically part of nature. However if the tooth fairy comes to town where does your child leave their tooth. Is there a special place your child keeps their tooth? Do you have a special tooth holder?

My daughter recently lost her teeth, a bit early and we weren't prepared for her special place. Thankfully the dentist gave her a special tooth fairy box, it was plastic and looked like a treasure chest. Pink in color and was just small enough for that one tooth to fit in. She loved that box, it snapped closed so it wouldn't fall out as well. It went everywhere she did that day and never once was it out of her sight. Not sure how she'll react once the fairy takes the tooth out though.

Where does the fairy keep that tooth though I've been asked before by my oldest? Hmmm, that's something a mom must really think about, because as the story goes the tooth fairy uses the teeth to build her castle up in the sky. Some say the teeth add to the light up there but you never really know. Others say well she just throws them away, I can't really bring myself to say that to a child that worked so hard at keeping them clean and then to get them out. Could you?

With my son we have used many different special tooth carrying cases. One was using felt and cutting it in the shape of a tooth. Glue the side edges together leaving a tiny pocket that is just small enough for the tooth and some coins or dollars, whichever the fairy may decide to leave them. Another carrying case was just placing the tooth under the pillow, this isn't always a good idea though and I'm still surprised it actually happens. I guess it really depends on your child. Does your child sleep with their mouth open? Does your child move a lot? Think about that first, you don't want them losing the tooth before she gets there and you don't want them swallowing it either.

Make sure to let the fairy know either by writing her a letter or email or by phoning her, as you don't want her to miss your child's big night. Tell your children to go to bed either exactly at bedtime or before bedtime, but not too early as they may wake up and catch her. This will ensure her to come and they will get the visit they desperately want at this point. My son was the hardest one when it came to going to sleep at the right time. The tooth fairy once told me that she was very scared to go into my son's room as he was a light sleeper and woke at the slightest sound. She didn't want to get caught and was worried he may grab a wing or two. She did come late at night but sometimes she'd see him turning and she'd fly away. I let him know this after one tooth and he decided that he'd go to bed exactly at his bedtime and not too early anymore.

My daughter is different; she'll sleep through just about anything. However, she does move around so for the fairy to find her tooth is a bit hard. This last time the tooth fairy actually had to move her. But never once did she wake up according to the fairy. She said she loved the treasure chest because she didn't have to find a tiny tooth, instead when she came across the box that jingled she knew it was the tooth.

The next question is how much does the fairy leave? Well, when I was a child.... I know it makes you think of the time your parents told you they walked hundred of thousands of miles in the snow to school right? Ha ha. But seriously when I was a child I got between a quarter to a dollar for each of my teeth. But today with prices going up it seems to lose a tooth could actually make you rich. I want to say anything from $1-5 is the normal rate these days, however I've heard of children getting 5, 10 or even 20 dollars. I've been told it all depends on the way the tooth falls out. The tooth fairy will feel sorry for a child that has swallowed a tooth and leave them more money, but there are times when the child may not have had a horrible experience and she just loses it like a normal tooth, so they get the normal amount.

My son has lost one of his by swallowing it, he was eating a sandwich and when he was done eating the sandwich he realized the tooth was gone. He'd swallowed it, I'll never forget that day. Another tooth he had was so lose but I couldn't pull it (turns my stomach) and his sister and him were playing around and collided face to face. His tooth fell out. It was so lose it didn't hurt, of course they did have to find the tooth after that.

No we never did use pliers, teeing a string to the tooth or walking into a door to get them out. The teeth just got lose enough to pull, unless you count him swallowing them or banging into his sister. But either way we always got them out and in a safe place for the fairy.

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