Friday, April 08, 2005

Treat Your Child to a Touch and Feel Book

Babies of all ages will adore books that pack the pizzazz of textures and moving parts! Whether the book has soft and fuzzy pictures, crinkly plastic paper, rough sandpaper spots, or lift-and-peek flaps, your little one will be more actively engaged when you read these books aloud together. There will be no problem keeping the baby's attention!

There are many of these interactive books on the market, but a classic set comes to us from Golden Books. Edith Kundhardt Davis has penned a series of touchy-feely books for the very young. Pat the Cat, Pat the Puppy and Pat the Pony are the titles. The cute animal illustrations make the books a real joy to read, the simple text will be easy for the littlest listeners to understand, and best of all, there is something unique on each page to feel or to move. The books are under $10 each at Amazon, and readily available at nearly any bookstore.

While you are looking for them, check out The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This classic details the adventures of a young caterpillar as he eats through more and more plants. Babies are particularly fond of this book, since each plant the caterpillar eats has a hole in the picture right through the page that is just the right size for baby fingers to poke right through. As your youngster grows, the book becomes a great tool to teach about numbers and counting.

You will want to add all of these books to your child's library!

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