Friday, April 15, 2005

What Babies dislike

Let us try to comprehend what dislikes really all the babies have, and mostly common among them! Here are some of them.


Generally, all living beings of every age group, do not like noises with high volumes; but it has been seen that babies feel uncomfortable in a noisy atmosphere, which may otherwise look very pleasant to the elders. For example, while in a party the elders will enjoy dancing, singing, talking, etc.; but on the same time, small children accompanying them will very soon show signs of restlessness. It may be because of the fact that the happenings around them in a party are beyond their comprehension, and as well as their capacity to hear, recognize, see, and all those things that they use to perceive. Same thing occurs while we go to the market or walk along the roadside along with small children! --The big horns blown by the vehicles and the noise produced by their motion itself, more often than not, cause discomfort to them. Similarly in rainy seasons the voice of lightening may horrify small babies. Once afraid of these noises, a baby can even become prone to noises of low intensity like at night the noises produced by some insects, a sudden knock at the door, falling of a cookware utensil in the kitchen, ringing of a telephone, etc., which are otherwise not so threatening. A famous adage may also summarize it that a burnt child dreads fire!


Having brought up in the family for some years, children find it quite difficult to mix themselves up with the strangers. Whenever a stranger visit the house, the babies will show sighs of shyness and will feel uncomfortable until the visitor proves or convinces his or her friendly nature to them, and obviously it may take some time. It can be momentary, but can linger for few days, weeks, months and so on. This also varies from child to child but the first impact is the same for all babies towards all strangers since they do not know the formalities and curtsies which we elders do while meeting a stranger, the very first time. But Santa Claus is an exception. No matters he may be a stranger to many of the children, but the gifts he offers to them and a special dress he wears on a particular day, with music and smile all around, the babies surely welcome this person, right from their first meeting.

Article with dull colors

Any article, be it a furniture item, vessels, cookware, flowers, toys, eatables, trees, pictures, cloths, pets or even a human being with a dull color or complexion is not liked by the babies. Here is a very interesting experience, which we can all have practically at our home. Bring some toys of bright colors and also of their choice and see how eagerly the babies unpack the boxes and also how keenly they play with them. Notice that they go from person to person in the family to show their possession simply because the toys are wonderfully colored and attractive. No sooner their colors begin to fade a bit with the passage of time, you can clearly notice a reduction in the interest with the same toys. In case the colors totally disappear by virtue of sun, rain, etc., one can easily see the same toys being thrown out or broken away by the same baby. Usually this tendency is common among people of all age groups but in some cases we elders do accommodate and adjust with the articles of dull colors, which the babies do not. You can also find the babies friendlier towards human being with bright colored complexion and wearing bright dresses and all that. It goes to show how the articles with bright color can have an impact in developing and shaping the basic nature and behavior of babies.


Many animals like cat, buffalo, elephant, street dogs, etc., are generally not liked by the babies! While in some cases, it has to do with the looks of animals like in the case of a cat whose face is terrific and also the expressions of her eyes, mouth, etc., may terrify a baby. In the case of an elephant, its size comes in the way since babies may find it difficult to accommodate its full picture in their minds just as a camera screen cannot accommodate more area than its capacity. So is the case of a buffalo. Street dogs have a natural tendency to bark too much with their tails up. Here the unpleasant voice comes in the way. It is worthy to note here that fear is the main reason of babies behind not liking these animals too much!

Excessive Clothing

When mother try to cover the babies with more and more woolen clothes in winter season, even small babies will try to put them off with the movements of their legs and hands along with crying. They try to prove that they can better handle the cold weather than handling excessive clothing. Obviously, they are not very keen to wear costly and fashionable clothes, which we elders essentially are. Putting on clothes seems to be an obstacle in their movements, which are very commonly found in all children. Even a baby who can not get up of his own; of three or four months age, will very frequently throw his legs and arms in the air while resting on the bed. So excessive clothing is not of their liking.

There may be some other things that the babies don't like and there may be other factors that can shape those liking according to the atmosphere of the house and the regional circumstances. But like some common things that are found in all the babies of the world, the aforementioned dislikes are also available almost all over the world! Human nature is common as they say, and so is babies' nature!

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