Saturday, May 21, 2005

Baby care during pregnancy

It is clear that for baby to be hale and healthy, the mother of baby should take care of the food and other things right from the start of the pregnancy to avoid any happening that is undesirable! We will discuss in detail what things a pregnant woman should take care of!

It is a truth known to all that we should take a balanced food in order to grow and develop well both physically as well as mentally right from our childhood, but many of us do not know that growth and development of the body begins right in mother's womb itself as soon as the mother is pregnant.

The universal truth that all people know, is that, a child is required to be in its mother's womb for nine months. This is a superficial knowledge. The situation is still bad among those people in slum areas and do not consult any doctor during the pregnancy period till any major complication arises. While among some people, some cultural and dynasty customs make them confined to their own houses and they prefer to take the help of an experienced but not qualified lady at the time of delivery. In the case of former people, financial problems are the obstacles while in the case of latter the reasons are different. If a pregnant lady is overfed or underfed or not fed with a balanced food, she is more likely to suffer. Not only the mother but also the infant is endangered. What the doctor does when an expectant lady first visits him or her? The doctor will take into account all the necessary measurements by making a detailed check up of various body functions like blood pressure, hemoglobin level. Bodyweight, and pulse rate, etc., and will advice the lady accordingly. The nature and the quantity of food will depend upon all the checkups that a lady undergoes in the clinic of a gynecologist.

In general a pregnant woman requires more food than a non-pregnant one. Obviously one can easily understand the reason since the food taken by a pregnant woman has to serve for her and her baby. In routine, the doctors advise the expectant ladies to take their meals in short intervals and in lesser quantities. For example a normal person takes his meal three times a day but a pregnant woman is well advised to take her meal five times a day but the quantity in every shift should be less than a normal person! This is because of the fact that during pregnancy the digestion of food goes astray and the space in the stomach is not left too much. The baby, who gets his nourishment being wrapped in a biological cover known as placenta, gets feed from the mother by way of a sort of a pipe inside the placenta directly attached to the naval of the baby so the baby inside the placenta gets only the pure and digested feed since there are no means of excretion and all those sort of things.

So the amount of food which the mother takes becomes further lesser automatically when it reaches out to the baby. It is worthy to mention here that no wasteful products of the food lying in the mother's stomach can touch the baby since there is a barrier known as placental barrier. Doctors also advised the mothers to take a good quantity of milk and fruits along with green leafy vegetables. This food contains calcium, iron and vitamin A in it, which is very essential for the growth of the baby inside. In some cases fried food, junk food and the fast food is prohibited. A good quantity of liquid as food is also very essential since the baby lies in the placenta in a special type of fluid.

If a woman is alcoholic then she is also advised to avoid alcohol during pregnancy. Very salty, sour, chilly, roasted, and fried food is also not good for the health of the woman. It is very good partaking food according to the chart of balanced diet prescribed by the doctor for a pregnant woman. So we can say that a proper care in feeding pregnant woman is very essential in order to help the baby inside the womb for its growth and develop properly and be healthy afterwards in its whole life, since deficiency of proper feed inside the womb might not be recovered in the whole life. This is a bitter truth but still the truth. It should be noted that there may be various types of diseases that can be due to the improper feeding of the baby inside mother's womb, and if we want not to happen it with our baby, we must take a proper care of all these things and the ones that are prescribed by the doctor or physician!

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