Saturday, May 14, 2005

Biking and Jogging with a baby...

by Eliza Ferree

Choosing a joggling stroller isn't as easy! This is one of those things that makes me want to yank out my hair.

Imagine standing in your front yard, watering your flowers when your young child walks up, hugs you and says, "Mommy when are you having the baby?" It was innocent, meant nothing by it but it hit you like a ton of bricks.

Okay, why did she ask that? Do I really look fat? Maybe I need to work out more. Okay we'll begin by walking with the kids. Oops, you forgot your littlest child is known to tire out so you'll need a stroller but that double stroller or umbrella stroller just doesn't work right when you are trying to jog.

You decide to pull out the stroller anyways and take your first walk... errr run. But a probably keeps happening every few feet. Your wheels keep turning the wrong way, which makes you collide into the stroller. Okay by the time you make it home you have slammed into the stroller about 8 times and are ready to buy a new one.

What do you buy though? How will you work out?

If your children are wanting to ride bikes why not try getting everyone in on the action and buying a bike seat for your infant and head on the road with your other guys. A bike seat is fine as long as you go with the proper precautions and know you can handle it, if you don't think you can situate the weight than don't get this.

Ez Trailers are another great purchase, these are the little trailers that attach to your bike and drags your child inside it while you ride. Your child is protected by a screen which keeps bugs out and keeps kids in. Some even has cups on the inside and a pouch where your child can keep his snacks while you ride. It's roomy enough that two could come along for the trip.

If you don't want to bike it you can always walk it. There are jogger strollers galore out there. A jogger stroller normally has three wheels, two in the back and one in the front. It kind of reminds you of a triangle the way the wheels are laid. Jogger strollers even have nets that you can also purchase to keep the wind and rain off them.

The Jeep Jogger actually has a built in steering wheel that your child can play with as you run. A snack and drink trays on the top so that you can keep your coffee there as you run and your child's snack nearby. There is a big enough basket underneath that you can keep the diaper bag or purse safe and secure. Now you may not want them down there if you are going over a puddle as they can get wet. It only takes about an hour to put together and comes with a pump in case the wheels get low.

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