Thursday, May 12, 2005

Changing Units and Moses Baskets - Necessary or Not?

A number of magazines and baby books have suggested that changing units and Moses baskets aren't necessary equipment in the nursery, but that hasn't been my experience at all.

In the case of the changing unit, we did actually buy something that is more than just a changing unit however. We bought one where the changing mat was actually on the top of a chest of drawers - and not only that - but if you lifted the changing table up, it revealed a baby bath! This has now been used and outgrown by two babies as a changing unit, but as a piece of furniture it's still holding a lot of the everyday stuff needed for taking care of two little boys. The baby bath has now been removed and in due course we will probably get around to sealing the top so that the once changing unit becomes just another chest of drawers. On the other hand, it's possible that we may leave the top as it is because it may be a useful storage area for the boy's art and stationary supplies as they become older.

The Moses basket on the other hand, or should I say baskets, were well used. I should say however that my firstborn was a preemie so he was in his Moses basket a LONG time! However, it was one of only two places where he would sleep contentedly and so I was happy for him to be in it until he was able to turn over and it became unsafe for him to be there.
My second baby was far from a preemie in size, but again the Moses basket was his sleeping area of choice. This was a different Moses basket however. I don't think the manufacturers anticipate the amount of wear and tear that our first one received, not to mention the amount of travel it did, so when baby number two came along we bought him a new one. Although he was over three times the size that his big brother was at birth, he also stayed comfortably in the Moses basket until he was trying to turn over. Because of his size, we had to move him out before he could actually turn.
It was a sad day for all of us when the baby's were too big for the Moses baskets. I loved the freedom of being able to move the sleeping baby to whichever room I was working in, to be able to put it and it's folding stand into the car and take it with us when we visited people, and I just loved watching my sleeping babies doze contentedly in the cute bedding that we had for the baskets.
So I have to disagree with the experts and say that I had a lot of use out of both my changing unit and my Moses basket, and consider both of them to have been very necessary items during the babies' first months. Whether or not they are necessary for all babies is really up to the mommy-to-be, but I'd advise them to consider their own situation before listening to the "experts" on what equipment to buy!

Katie-Anne Gustafsson

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