Thursday, May 12, 2005

Christening Outfits for Little Boys

This summer we'll hopefully be having my baby christened. The problem is that he isn't a baby anymore! He'll be approaching his second birthday by the time the christening takes place which creates a bit of a problem when considering the kind of outfit I should buy for the big day.
He ought to have been christened a lot sooner, but I want him christened in my home country and not the one where I live as it's more important to my family than it is to my husband's - and whilst we had organized to have the christening last summer, things happened and we had to cancel our plans. So here I am with a very energetic and mobile soon to be two year old who is yet to be christened.

The clothing problem is somewhat compounded by the fact that my baby is about as far from baby looking as it's possible for two year old to get! Oh he's got the baby curls, which look almost angelic if you don't notice the mischievous glint which is ever present in his eyes, but apart from that he's all little boy. I just don't see him in any of the traditional type christening outfits that I've seen. On the other hand, he's just too small to look good in one of those miniature tuxedos. It's causing me quite a headache.

I keep looking at pictures of the most beautiful and intricately embroidered christening gowns for baby girls - having a recent writing project where I was having to research christening gowns didn't help - and thinking life would be a lot easier if my little boy were a girl. On the other hand, I wouldn't swap that mischievous sparkle in his eyes for all the frilly princess dresses in the world.

So far, the only thing that looks anywhere near promising is a sailor suit. This I can see him in - and unless I'm hit by a flash of inspiration, this is probably what he'll end up wearing!

Katie-Anne Gustafsson

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