Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Creative Ways to Name Your Babies

Naming babies is by no means an easy task. There's so many different ways you can go about naming a child that's close to impossible to not find the perfect name for your little one. Some very simple ways to find a baby name is to use a baby book, which has names for both sexes that you can use to start thinking about your child's name. If you don't find the right name, then, you can brainstorm some ideas with your loved ones and try to come up with the perfect fit.

Many families like to keep in their family, and they will name children after their parents or grandparents, if this is the case in your family and you want to add on to that tradition by all means go ahead. Just remember that you don't always have to follow traditional and if you want a creative baby name, you have to work for it, because you never know when the right name might smack you right in the face. It might be on a license plate, a street sign or on a restaurant menu. Who knows? The Zappas were creative: They came up with Moon Unit and Dweezil. While those names are far out there, and not everyone is expected to name their children so strangely, you also don't have to deviate too far from the normal to get a unique name. Androgynous names, such as Robin or Jamie, can work for a boy or girl and that might be the touch you're looking for when your little one is born into the world.

Keep in mind that not all babies are meant to be named before they come out of the womb; some babies, even though parents may have already come up with names before the birth find out that their little one just doesn't fit the name based on their personality after they're born. So, even though you're set on that family name, it might turn out that your child isn't a Jacob, Kenneth, Rachel or Samantha. Some of the most unique and endearing baby names come from personality, so, make sure you pay attention closely after your child is born. He or she might have already picked a name on your behalf.

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