Saturday, May 21, 2005

First Time Parent Rudeness

By Mylea

First time parents are usually a bundle of nerves when their first child is born and understandably so, especially if they are not use to being around young children. The baby cries and they jump wanting to make sure every thing is all right with the enormous responsibility that has been placed before them, all normal reactions. The baby is spitting up a little too much, they immediately get on the telephone to the nurse on call line to see if baby need to be taken to the hospital, a simple change in formula will alleviate this problem you are told. If baby pacifier drops on the floor or ground, it does not matter where they are, they will find some water even if it is the water in the glass they are drinking from to rinse it off. Baby comes first at all cost, as it should be. Just when does it go too far?

It is to far when baby comes home and you manage to alienate both family and friends from wanting to come and visit. How may you do this? You receive a call from grandma saying she and one of her friends want to come over to see you and the baby. Instead of saying, "great, come on over," you question grandma relentlessly; just who is this friend? Do they have a cold? Make sure they bring socks so they can take off their shoes before entering the house. Grandma arrives with friend, they follow your instructions to the letter, grandma goes to reach for her grandchild after washing her hands and you just turn the child around so that she can get a look at his/her sweet little face. Grandma is devastated and hurt, yet you continue with your conversation as if nothing happened.

A few of your close friends who always has dropped by unannounced, drops by with a few things they thought you might need from the store. You answer the door, accept the items they brought and inform them that the baby is asleep now therefore, this is not a good to for you. Never mind the fact that your friends took time out of their busy schedule, spent money out of their own pockets and drove out of their way to spend a few minutes with you.

It has gone to far when you finally bring baby out into public, no one is allowed to get a glimpse of him for fear they will breathe on this precious little one. To insure that no one gets near to this most precious one, you zip him up from head to toe, hold them facing you at all times, no one and I do mean no one outside of you and your spouse is allowed to hold this child. This is to far and selfish especially when you were always the first people to want to hold some one else's child.

A few months pass and now you are exhausted, why because you have managed to alienate everyone around you so that now no one will even think about helping you.
Suddenly you have become the expert, your child was created from a special mole, and therefore only you know how to take care of them. Remember that your parents raised you up to be the human being that you are. If we treat baby with a golden glove so to speak we eventually create a little terror, who only knows, I am the most special. Unbelievably, we send messages to our young ones at an early age. We begin to shape their personality by our dealing with them, either we can help them to develop a secure sense of self, or create a terror end.

New parents need to be careful when dealing with family and friends. These same people has loved and cared about you for such along time. To just cut them out of this most special time in your life serves as a big injustice to your child. Your actions can even cause others to resent you, even though they still love the child they will eventually not want anything to do with you or your child. Not because of jealousy or any of that none sense but out of hurt. Think about it.

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