Saturday, May 14, 2005

Four themes for gender neutral nursery decor

Are you looking for ideas to decorate your nursery before the baby comes? Since many people still choose not to learn the sex of their baby, or can't find out from their ultrasounds, gender neutral baby themes are still quite popular. I've even known one couple where the mother knew and the father did not. She chose a neutral theme for the nursery, so she wouldn't give away the "surprise" to the daddy.

Other people prefer a gender neutral theme because they plan to reuse the same bedding and decorations for subsequent babies or because they do not want to differentiate the nursery decor based on the baby's sex. Once the baby shows an interest in a theme, they redecorate according to his or her individual likes and dislikes.

Sea creatures
Whether you choose to decorate with fish, dolphins, whales or a menagerie of different sea creatures, this theme offers a lot of fun design opportunities. Start with a key piece you like, whether it is the bedding, or a stuffed fish. Then, use the colors, theme and general feel from that item to keep the design in check. Some great touches that are available and work well for this theme are an "aquarium" toy soother with lights and bubble sound effects and mobiles with fish or sea creatures. Another manufacturer makes a full line of soft sculpture fish and other sea creatures in bright colors that you can hang from the ceiling or walls. If you cannot find everything in a single line decorated with sea creatures, you can combine sea creatures with an underwater theme, a beach theme, or spice up the decor with other tropical elements.

Farm animals
The farm is a classic theme for babies that is still popular today. You can design around a single animal, such as sheep, or you can include an assortment of animals and other farm items. For example, look for a lamp shaped like a barn or silo to accent your farm room. Or, consider a mural of rolling fields and prancing ponies as a backdrop for this fun room. If you do not want bedding with a farm print on it, try using denim, chambray or gingham for a look that is sure to complement the overall country feel.

Winnie the pooh
So beloved, he is almost a cliche, Pooh bear continues to decorate baby clothing, gear and decorations everywhere. The charm of this lovable bear just never seems to wear off. Pooh bear themed items are available in two distinct styles: the original A.A. Milne illustration style and the more modern Disney-crafted Pooh bear. Whichever you choose, your baby is sure to love spending time with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and all of their other pals in your own little hundred acre wood.

Wild jungle animals
For a wild nursery theme, fill the room with a riot of wild jungle animals. Lions, tiger and bears can all frolic on baby's bedding, furniture and other accessories. Try mixing a couple of animals in your theme with animal-print patterned fabric as a backdrop for a really striking look. Don't forget the little touches like wooden animal clothing hooks and a stuffed animal rug.

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