Saturday, May 14, 2005

Get a Personalized doll for your baby....

Eliza Ferree

With some families both parents can't stay at home with their child and this can be very hard on little babies. I've recently discovered the perfect solution for this, there is a place out here that makes dolls but not just dolls! These dolls are very soft and you need a photo of the loved one, they scan the photo in and transfer it to this doll. Your child will instantly have a soft doll of their mommy/daddy/aunt/uncle/grandparent or whom ever.

Why does your child need a doll you ask? Well, not every child will need one but there are many out there that could really benefit from one, especially the loved one that is copying with the child.

My daughter is 21 months old and her daddy is gone in Iraq. When she is at home you can find her a lot of time picking up a picture of her daddy, however this picture is in a glass frame. You can imagine how scary this can be watching her toddler around with a picture, worrying she might fall. Before you ask, yes I even placed a picture of her daddy in another frame, plastic, however that too broke. The glass one hasn't broke but it's a matter of time before something happens to it. I even went and bought this transparent stuff to go over the picture and give it to her that way so if she colored on it, wouldn't hurt it. That too doesn't help.

I heard about this doll and know that she would carry a doll around her and it would look much better than a picture, not to mention the doll can be washed if needed and won't break into millions of pieces. They cost around $20.00 but I think it's well worth the money.

This doll could be used to tuck her in at night or when daddy calls she could be holding him and kiss him, the doll would be there when she fell down or at night when she is scared. I see so much for this doll.

Now while I'm on this subject, I've heard they even have dolls out there these days that you can get to look just like your child. These dolls are porcelain, felt, soft, hard, you name it.

I'm currently looking at a soft personalized fire fighter doll. What this doll does is look just like a real fireman, he has his hose, fire hat, uniform, buttons, ties, snaps. There are a lot of little things that your baby will learn to do with these dolls, not only firefighters they also have a nurse, police officer, different ethnic dolls, your choice of boy or girl dolls.

Choice of boy and girl dolls you ask? Why? Because boys can have dolls too, no they don't need a barbie or a girly doll they can have one that plays soccer, baseball, etc. I remember the first time I got my son a doll, it had a blue hat just so no one would get mad. But it came with a back pack which I thought was cute and my son thought it meant his baby was ready for school.

So, there are many different types of personalized dolls out there you just need to find one that fits your needs.

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