Saturday, May 14, 2005

Getting them To Eat..

Getting them to Eat
by Eliza Ferree

Getting your little one to eat the green stuff when they turn their noses up at it, isn't as easy as some may think.

You can try using the airplane game on your children but that doesn't always work, I remember an episode of "Full House" when the baby food ended up on everyone but not in the child's mouth.

Sure, we've all tried it but did it really work? For my kids it didn't, actually mine would purposely close their mouth just as the plane was coming in to land. Maybe they really thought it would turn into a plane once it entered their mouth. Have you ever tried tickling them to get them to open their mouth? Let’s just say it makes one awful mess.

Yes, playing games may work but not always and do you really want to show your child that eating is nothing more than a game? Who can shove the most food in their mouth? How long does it take you to eat five beans?

Hmm, I don't really think blindfolding a child is going to work so let's not even go there. Yes, I saw that smirk on your face and know exactly what you were thinking.

Here is what I have learned:

With my child whenever I mix the vegetables in their meals they tend to not notice. Yes, I know there are some kids that will pick out everything, I've seen it done. But try this! Mix two small helpings of frozen vegetables with three different types of noodles and stir in a bit of miracle whip and presto. My pickiest child actually wanted seconds and more but there wasn't anymore. She asks for it all the time now, instead of macaroni which is definitely a good change for us.
If mixing vegetables, flying air planes and blindfolds don't work you can always personalize their meals with dishes. There are so many out there, Tupperware makes them now just for children, you can get Barbie, PowerPuff or even Spongebob and Spiderman they come with a little cup, plate, bowl and sometimes their own silverware.

There are some dishes that come with a little suction cup at the bottom so it'll stay securely on the high chair. I've used these for my children and know for a fact they don't slip off the chair. My daughter has tried to grab the bowl and throw it but it won't budge, it actually take a lot to pop it off.

Gerber has many products out now just for children, some include a sippy cup, plate dish and spoons. A sippy cup is a small cup with a lid on it that your child must suck out of to get it to come out, a positive for this is that it won't spill. A plate dish is a small plate with deep pockets that you can add beans, mashed potatoes, etc in it. These dishes come in bright colors which are more appealing to a child’s eye.

I hope one of these things helps you with your picky eater, oh and before you walk away make sure they didn't hand it to the dog.

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