Monday, May 16, 2005

Getting a Walker? Follow These Tips.

A baby walker can be a great idea for moms and dads who need a little freedom to work around the house but whose little one wants to follow along. While it is important to remember that you cannot leave a baby in a walker and go to another room, you can let your little one totter around the laundry room while you are folding the towels. It will allow your baby to get some exercise and movement in while you are free to do other work. Walkers have lost favor in the past few years, many parents still find them useful. If you are going to get a walker, here are some tips to find one that you and baby can enjoy.

Make sure that you find one that works for your little one. Most walkers have a seat inset in a rounded, table-like setting with wheels on the bottom. There will probably be floor models of walkers at the store where you purchase your walker. Let your baby try out several to decide which one may work for her before you decide to buy it. The designs are a little different, so you will need to make sure that you purchase one your baby will like.

You will need to be sure that you walker-proof the house once you bring home the new wheels. Your baby will be up at his full height, and you need to be prepared. There is a whole new world up there, and Mom and Dad aren’t holding him to keep the goodies, and not so goodies, out of his mouth. Get down at his level and make sure that you remove anything that could be a danger and protect against sharp corners or other potential hazards.

Another problem that you could encounter with walkers is that it is simple for your baby to fall in them. Do not allow your little one to use the walker around any stairs. Keep a close eye out if you use the walker outdoors where they may be holes and stairs. If you have a basement, keep the door to it closed at all times. Now is the time to put up a baby safety gate if you will use the walker upstairs. You never know how quickly your little one can move in the walker until you hear a crash.

Limit time in the walker. You should not let your little one stay in the walker as its use it to help her move around on her own and to give you a few minutes to get some chores done. You still need to spend considerable time with your little one, and he needs to play on his own as well. Give your baby small amounts of time in the walker and then put it away for the day.

These tips can help you and your baby get the most out of your walker. A walker can be a useful tool for allowing your baby a little movement if used properly, and both you and your baby should find the experience rewarding.

By Brandi Rhoades

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