Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ignoring the Screams

I attended a wedding this past weekend, along with many guests with children. Now the invitation stated very clearly, "No children." The announcement was very tactful. Of course many people ignored this request and attended the ceremony and reception with their little ones in tote. I understand that sometimes it is difficult to find a babysitter. I also know for a fact that some people were upset that the bride and groom made such a request and were determined to bring their babies to prove a point. Personally I do not understand the big deal with leaving your baby at home for a few hours. Weddings are adult occasions. Besides, this gives the mother and father time alone for a couple of hours.

Again, the request not to bring babies was ignored by quite a few, and for good reason. Right before the bride and groom were about to repeat their vows, a baby seated in the middle aisle began to yell. The baby was not crying because it was in pain, he was just being a brat and yelling loudly. I witnessed the incident thus I can call the baby a brat. The little boy was likely only a year old. He wanted to stand up, while the mother wanted him to sit. When his mother took control of the situation and made him sit, he became upset. I understand that babies are unpredictable. However the problem does not lie with the baby.

Instead of removing the child, the parents allowed him to scream in the middle of ceremony. They did not attempt to calm him, nor did they gently cover his mouth. The parents simply sat in their seat as if nothing out of the ordinary was occurring. The turning heads and evil eyes of other guests did not faze them either. I felt bad for the bride and groom. Not only were their clear instructions ignored, but the parents did not even have the decency to room their baby. This kind of situation occurs often. In restaurants and movie theaters parents allow their babies to scream and cry. Then they have the audacity to become upset when someone shows their irritation.

I know that babies are apart of this world. I also understand that keeping a baby calm at all times is impossible. Babies will cry, this is not the problem. The problem is mothers and fathers who think that their babies are too cute and special. What makes them think that we want to hear their children scream? Likely parents are used to their children misbehaving and they tune out the noise. Therefore when babies cry in public, parents are not consciously thinking about other people. Once when a friend visited with her little boy, the baby became upset because he could not have another cookie. The baby proceeded to have a 20 minute tantrum. This included a high pitch scream, kicking, and did I mention a high pitch scream. My friend never told him to stop or tried to calm him. She completely ignored him and continued with the conversation. I had just gotten home, and I had a headache. The last thing I wanted to hear was a baby screaming.

I do not have children; therefore I keep my mouth closed. According to some parents unless you have children, you do not understand how to care for one. The truth is I have been around babies and children for many years. I can honestly say that I know how to care for a child better than some parents, trust me. This is not rocket science.

It seems that when some people have a baby, they lose their common sense. I understand that caring for a baby is challenging, especially in the beginning. However, I also believe that some make the process of child rearing more complicated. Women have been having babies since the beginning on time. The rules may vary, but they never change. Yet, some women act as if God created a new mold with their child. Every ailment their baby gets is always the worse; daycare rules do not apply to their baby; and the kicker, their baby is too special and cute to be disciplined.

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