Monday, May 30, 2005

Picking A Baby-Sitter for Baby

Picking a baby-sitter for baby should not be a simple thing to do. If you want to ensure that your baby will be safely cared for, you should make sure that you follow these steps for hiring a baby-sitter.

1. The age does make a difference. Why? Well this is a rather simple answer. If you hire an 11 year old versus a 20 year old, who do you think is going to have the most knowledge about caring for your baby? Also, you want to make sure that the baby-sitter will be old enough to really ensure that your baby will be handled with care.

2. Interview the baby-sitter before simply hiring them on the job. This is extremely important so that you can see any potential difficulties that may arise with the baby-sitter. Ask how much experience they have had with baby-sitting, and ask how they would handle certain emergency situations if needed. Ask them about their knowledge of how to tend the baby in the appropriate manner needed, such as how to hold the bottle up, how long to cook it for, when baby needs a nap, etc.

3. Ask the baby-sitter for recommendations. This way you can call other people and hear what they have to say about how that baby-sitter handles the children. Getting information from an outside source is an extreme benefit of knowledge to have.

4. Show the baby-sitter around the house and let them know about the areas that the baby should not be near.

5. Give a schedule to the baby-sitter. This is important so that the baby-sitter can understand and get a feel for when baby needs to eat, or have their diaper changed, take a nap, or whatever your certain and particular requirements may be.

6. Always call to check in and see how the baby-sitter's progress and relationship with the baby is doing, and not just how the baby is doing. This is important and vital to make sure that you will see no conflict arise. If you hear irritation in the baby-sitters voice, or catch on any sort of hint that the baby-sitter is not the right one for your baby, then you will have that knowledge, and you can find a different one.

As you can see there are several many steps that are extremely important for finding the right baby-sitter. If you just pick any old baby-sitter, you never know if your baby will be put in harm. You should have the right to ask the baby-sitter personal questions such as "do you take anger management classes?" or anything like that, because you will need to know what your baby is being exposed to and if there is any potential danger or harm. If you follow these steps, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your baby will be in safe care. There have been many reports about the danger of abusive nanny's and baby-sitter's, so always make sure to be on the look-out.

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