Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Setting Up a Baby's Nursery

Setting up a nursery for a baby is exciting for new parents. Even parents who did not intend on becoming pregnant feel a special joy when deciding on colors and themes for their soon to be born son or daughter. Decorating a nursery does not sound difficult. However if you were to visit a baby store or entered the baby section of a department store, you may become overwhelmed with the choices. Many things can be included in a nursery. First time parents may be unsure as to what they should purchase. They know to buy a crib; however other necessary accessories can create a cozy and cute nursery.

Color is important when decorating a nursery. A color scheme can also be tricky. Most couples opt to know the sex of their baby before the delivery. This gives them the opportunity to select boy or girl colors for the nursery. Couples who choose not to know the sex of their baby generally decorate the nursery with neutral colors. These colors include yellow, green, or red. Theme nurseries are also very popular. Popular cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and Care Bears are great picks. The more color, the better. Although young, babies respond to vibrant colors.

Furniture is another essential part to a baby's nursery. Most parents decide to place a bassinet in their bedroom for newborns. However, the baby will eventually move into their own room, thus parents should set us a crib. A crib can be dangerous if it does not meet specific safety standards. For example, the bars on cribs should not be wider than two inches. The railing should also be securely connected. Many accidents occur in cribs. Babies have fallen out of cribs, and caught between the railings. Therefore parents should choose a crib with care, and keep their ears open to any crib recalls.

Changing tables are ideal for nurseries. These tables are generally positioned about four feet from the ground, which is the perfect height for changing diapers. Some changing tables are equipped with a cloth pad. However parents may consider trading in the cloth pad for a plastic pad. Cloth pads can potential collect germs and bacteria from diapers. On the other hand, a plastic pad can easily be cleaned or disinfected after every use. Parents should never leave their baby lying on the changing table, not even for a second. It does not take long for a baby to roll over and fall. Purchasing a changing table with a rail and safety belt is the best way to protect your baby from falling.

The changing table will be used to house all the baby's personal hygiene products. Before the baby is born, take this time to fully stock the changing tables. Purchase a few packs of diapers. Newborns usually wear the smallest size. The parents could also stock up on baby powder, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, and antibacterial wipes. Keeping hand wipes near the changing table is ideal because the parent is able to quickly cleanse their hand after changing a dirty diaper. A diaper trash pail should be positioned near the table for easy access.

Babies sleep better in dark rooms, however some parents have discovered that a night light is also effective with keeping a baby calm during the night. Pitch black bedrooms could potentially make a baby feel uneasy. A night light provides a small amount of light to give them comfort. Parents may want to avoid having bright lights in the nursery. These could distract the baby and keep them awake.

Soft musical toys can also be included in a baby's nursery. Musical toys that play the melody to a nursery rhyme are perfect for relaxing, and putting a newborn to sleep. Musical toys can be in the form of a mobile that hangs over the crib. Mobiles are great because not only do they sing, but they are colorful. The music and images captivate babies until they are fast asleep. Mobiles that play music for hours will help babies sleep longer. Mobiles are also good for keeping babies entertained. These come in handy when mom has household chores. Babies can lie in cribs, while mom works around the home.

Additional decorative items that can be included in a baby's nursery include photographs, blankets, baby trinkets, and stuff animals. A rocking chair is almost a necessity. Rocking chairs add a finished touch to nurseries. These are perfect for putting your newborn to sleep. The motion can also be a source of relaxation for the parent. Rocking chairs could be placed near an open window, allowing a warm spring breeze to calm the baby. The best part about a rocking chair is that they can be used for years. Setting up a nursery for a newborn is fun. Parents can select a wide range of baby items. Regardless of the color, theme, or decor, you can never go wrong with a baby's nursery.

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