Saturday, May 14, 2005

Wrapping Your Baby...

By Eliza Ferree

When your newborn enters your life you want to keep them safe and warm, but there are a ton of different types of blankets to choose from. Millions of beautiful blankets and quilts are out there but it's your job to pick the special one for your baby.

When I was pregnant with our last child I knew I wanted something special for her but wasn't sure what. I took both the other two children and we shopped everywhere to find stuff for our soon to be newest family member, the children of course has a blast but I still wasn't finding what I wanted.

In the meantime we stocked the cabinets full of fleece because I love the way it feels on the skin. Fleece is very soft and pretty and now they come in simple to designed blankets which are nice with the fleece material. I even tried to make a fleece blanket. I took two pieces of fleece, cut the bottoms in strips and tied them together. It turned out cute, not like the ones in the store but still cute. I still sleep with it, yes it was suppose to be for the baby but I made it too large. What? No, I didn't intend to do that, it just happened. Yes it did.

My husband however had a whole other idea of what he wanted for our precious daughter. See he was hundreds of miles away...well not sure on the miles but he was in Iraq. He was going to miss the birth so he sent her a very special alphabet quilt that he ordered online. It even had her name embroidered on it. Each little patchwork had a letter and a picture that went with it. It was thick and warm. Perfect. I was very impressed by the way it looked and will now buy more stuff online.

Never forget that receiving blankets add to the warmth of the blanket or crib. These are normally pretty cheap and soft. I got a bunch of these with my last baby and plus all the ones I had saved over the years. Oh and if you have all your towels in the washer or dryer and have just finished washing your baby these work great for that too.

My older daughter uses the receiving blankets for her own little dolls as she plays mommy or doctor with them. Now that my youngest is outgrowing the blankets I plan on sewing them all together to make my own baby blanket for her and adding a bit of cotton to it to fluff it up a bit. This will store the old memories of her childhood and I can tell her about them later.

There are now reversible fleece blankets, which basically mean one side is plain and the other has a picture. I saw one that had a cute teddy bear on one side and on the other side were a bunch of pink flowers.

They also have thermal knit receiving blankets which are thicker and warmer, they are a bit more but for what they do it's worth every penny. Don't you think keeping your baby warm at night is worth it?

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