Monday, May 30, 2005

Your Baby is Growing before your eyes....

Babies grow up so fast, especially when you don't want them too.

My oldest is counting down the days until he hits those double digits and for me I can't even believe he's as old as he is. I remember the birth like it was yesterday, it was a very long pregnancy and once that baby wanted out he was on his way. He was a quick birth which I guess would go with his growing so fast and never wanting to stop right? It still doesn't seem right, I still remember him learning to walk and the smile with only one tooth. I remember the first time he hit a ball off a tee and just this past year I left him at camp during the day. He's also the type that has to have hands on everything and if he can do it hands on he is able to catch on just as well.

My second child is the one that wants to learn as much as she can and have as many books as she is allowed. Right now she is trying to learn to read so she can read to herself or to her sister. I know she just about has it and once she does she'll be growing up before my eyes. I have no clue if we'll read the same type of books but I sure do hope she keeps my love for books.
My youngest, which I said was going to stay my baby has a totally different idea, she wants to be just like her older brother and sister and there is no convincing her otherwise. She'll turn two this year and it's unbelievable. I watch her grow and learn and it's just an amazing part in nature to experience. She is constantly growing out of her little outfits and I'm always running to the store to buy a new one that I thought she'd wear for a while and didn't. I remember driving to the hospital after finally finding a ride and almost not making it there. She is the one that in stores will get your attention and once you have it she acts shy, if you stop watching her she is wanting the attention again.

So from watching the way mine have grown I've learned a few things about babies, yes they do grow up fast. Yes, they will always be your baby no matter what. As soon as your little one whether they are young or older gets hurt you will be there for them. Not all babies are the same though and they each will do something different as well as learn, each of mine have their own styles of how they deal with things. I also learned that all babies are the same as we love each of them and they all must be taught and taken care of.

Hug your baby today because even though they will always be your children, they won't always be small.

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