Monday, June 20, 2005

5 Baby Shower Game Ideas

A baby shower is a wonderful time to honor a new mom or mom-to-be, shower her with gifts, and surround her with the love and support of friends and family members. A tradition of silly games has become something most people do at baby showers; games break the ice, add comic relief, and often bring the guests of the shower closer together. If you are planning a baby shower for a special new mom in your life, following are a few ideas for baby shower games.

1. Pins in rice. For this game, buy a package of very small safety pins, usually less than an inch long, and a package of uncooked rice. Fill a small bowl about half-way full with the uncooked rice and then sprinkle about 20-25 closed safety pins into the bowl. Mix the pins evenly into the rice. Have guests sit in a circle and one at a time, each guest must pick up pins out of the rice while blindfolded. This is a surprisingly difficult game as the pins feel much like the rice. The other guests will laugh when they see a pin in the blindfolded guest's hand, but realize she doesn't recognize the feel. Whoever picks out the most pins wins.

2. Guess the baby food. Purchase 6-8 jars of baby food, all the same size and of varying flavors. Cover each jar with aluminum foil and then attach a piece of paper to each jar with a number written on it. Distribute plastic spoons and a sheet of paper to each guest. Jars should be passed around the room and guests will write the number of the jar as well as their guess as to which flavor baby food they've tasted. At the end, take the foil off the jars and give a prize to the person who had the most correct guesses.

3. Guess the baby picture. This is a fun game for guests of all ages. When you send out shower invitations, encourage each guest to bring a baby picture of himself or herself. At the shower, arrange all pictures on a bulletin board with corresponding numbers. Much like the baby food games, guests will be given a sheet of paper where they can look at the photos, list the numbers and guess which baby picture belongs to whom. Give a prize to the person with the most correct guesses.

4. Waistline circumference. For this game, pass a roll of ribbon and a pair of scissors around the room to each guest. The mom-to-be should stand or sit in the middle of the room and each guest must cut a piece of ribbon they think will perfectly reach around the pregnant mom's expanded waistline. Each guest can then try to wrap the ribbon around the mom's waist. This is a funny game where everyone is usually wrong. Give a prize to the guest who has the closest guess.

5. Baby songs. In this game, guests will be given three minutes and a sheet of paper where they must write down as many songs as they can think of with the word "baby" in the title. Whoever guesses the most songs (real songs) wins.

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