Thursday, June 23, 2005

Baby Diapering Products I Wish Had Been Invented Sooner

by Leanne Phillips

As a brand new grandma, I am learning that there are about a bazillion new baby products on the market. Most of them are products that I wish had been invented much sooner. I look at most of these new products, which provide the answers to the moans and groans I had when raising my own children, and think to myself, "This is so simple! Why, oh why didn't someone think of this before?" New moms and dads today have it better (and a little easier) than at any other time. Here are a couple of the great new baby diapering products on the market now that I wish had been around back in the day. New moms and dads should be sure to have these two items in the nursery!

The Diaper Genie: This amazing product makes changing diapers almost fun! Okay, I'm exaggerating here, but it certainly makes diaper changing sessions a lot more tolerable. The Diaper Genie was invented in the mid-1990's, too late for me, but perfected just in time for you! This amazing device eliminates nasty odors from the nursery and makes getting rid of disposable diapers a lot less unpleasant. The idea is a simple one, as all the best ideas usually are. Inside the Diaper Genie receptacle is a long plastic trash bag. You open the top of the Diaper Genie and place the offending disposable diaper into the receptacle, pushing it down into the receptacle until you hear a click. You then close the lid and twist the top. As you twist, the diaper is sealed away into a section of the trash bag down below, and the receptacle is readied for another diaper to be inserted at the top. When the Diaper Genie is filled, you simply open it and pull out the trash bag, which is by now a long sausage-link of sealed diapers. No mess, no smell--you toss the whole thing into the outside trash.

The Baby Wipe Warmer: Baby wipes were a great invention in and of themselves. They mean less laundry and a lot less mess. You simply use them once and toss them in the trash. However, this new development in baby wipe technology takes baby wipes to the next level and means a lot more comfort for your baby. The idea is a simple one. The baby wipe warmer is a covered receptacle that plugs into an electrical outlet and works much like a hot plate. The baby wipes are then taken out of their original packaging and placed in the warmer. The result? No more freezing cold wet wipes on baby's little bottom. The baby wipes come out of the warmer nice and warm and ready to use. One drawback is that the baby wipes seem to dry out a little sooner, especially as you work your way down to the bottom of the stack. Be sure to shop around and find the warmer that will work best for you. Also, make sure to keep the lid closed tightly in between uses to preserve moisture and keep the wipes from drying out.

Copyright (c) 2005 by Leni Leanne Phillips

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