Monday, June 20, 2005

A Little Boys Room

By Christina VanGinkel

My daughter never really had a nursery for her son. Not in the sense that she created a decor that was geared for an infant. She seemed to skip that step and go directly to decorations and furniture that would appeal to the little boy that my grandson is now turning into as he nears two years of age. It was as if she knew that he was destined to be a boy in the truest sense, never stopping for anything other than total exhaustion. Therefore, if she planned to have a room fit for a little boy, she had better do it right away, before he was running around at the speed of lightning, leaving her zero time for anything as frivolous as decorating!

Her only consolation to the infant he started out as, was a crib in the room, but even that is about to be replaced by a twin bed. Furniture in the room consists of a storage unit made out of those small cubbyhole stackable units. Everything from shoes to small toys is kept organized within. A small size closet holds an assortment of clothes that he currently fits into, with a small plastic storage box on each end. One for items that he has outgrown and that she plans to keep. If she goes to put something on him, and he has outgrown it since the last time he has worn it, she knows right where it is going, either into there, or into a small tote on the floor of the closet that is destined for donation. On the opposite side of the closet is another storage box, with clothes in the next size. That way, if she happens upon a sale, or is given a gift that is a size too large, she has a place to put it, that she can easily retrieve items from as he grows into them.

A toy box and a small shelf are also in the room. She is good about swapping out toys as he outgrows them, and does not just keep piling in more. The shelf holds the essentials such as baby wipes, diapers, and lotions. She does not have, and never did have a changing table, not at her house anyways. We had one by us, and as she stayed by us for about the first six months while her husband traveled for work, she used one when he was an infant, but did not feel the need to clutter his small room with one. As he was hard to keep still on ours by the time he was two months old, that was a wise decision.

He does have one more piece of furniture in his room. Grandpa thought that he should have his own recliner, to match Grandpa's. For his second Christmas, when he was barely eighteen months old, Grandpa bought him his very own leather look recliner in miniature, his own private little place to kick his feet up at the end of a long day, when he is all tired out from keeping Mommy on the move!

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