Thursday, June 30, 2005

My baby pushes a shopping cart...

Don't you just hate pushing those shopping carts they have at the stores? You know the ones that are metal, squeak and the wheels have a mind of their own. Aisles always seem too small for them too don't they?

Of course we hate them but our children absolutely love them. I think it's really that they love being like mom and dad. Imitate, imitate, imitate... or as my son would say, "Mom, she's copying me again." But a child copies us because that is the way they learn, so I guess it really shouldn't be a surprising thing to see our children love those little kid strollers or shopping carts.

Recently, my neighbor had a yard sale and actually gave my 1 year old a shopping cart. It's one of those yellow ones with an orange seat by Little Tykes. This thing is great, very durable and sturdy too. She pushes that thing all throughout the house. You can find anything that she finds laying around in her shopping cart too. Wonder if she thinks that's how I shop, something I see I pick up and place in the cart. It's neat watching her pick up and drop back the items.

She loves the seat because that's where her dolls or teddy bears go and she stands there saying hello to them as she drives the cart around the room. She tells me, "Bye momma,"
as she exits the room.

Of course just having one cart may not be a good thing when you have a slightly older sibling that wants to play house with it. You will have the sharing war when one is playing and the other thinks it is her turn. Remember the phrase, "Mine?" Well, I hear that daily over this little shopping cart.

Right now this device is a play toy but later I plan on using it to teach my babies math and shopping. Once they get older I will have toy foods with prices and give them pretend money and we will shop. I'll give them a shopping list to get certain things or count certain things. See, learning doesn't have to be straight from the book, it can even be fun.

I had lost my phone one night and couldn't find it. I found it in her shopping cart. Thankfully I had someone call because I wouldn't have thought of looking there.

The only problem right now is where we put the shopping cart. If it is not put up and in the middle of the night I walk through the darkened hallway running into the cart and I stub my toe. Boy does that hurt. The positive thing is it will keep your toddler busy for hours on end and if you are lucky you can teach them a few things before it's time to retire the shopping cart. Oh and these carts don't have to wait in line or try fitting through tiny aisle, granted it must fit through small hallways and around brothers and sisters.

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