Friday, June 03, 2005

Nature of babies--girls and boys

Almost everyone among us might be familiar with the nature and behavior of babies but we do not pay specific attention to the activities of the babies in general. Because everyone thinks that these are common and no specific attention is needed to pay for these. As we all were babies at some specific time in the life and we also have done the commonly seen behavior or tendencies while we were at that stage.

Let us try to discuss some of these and remember the days of our childhood.

We must agree at the point that during the childhood, everyone loves a baby, and, it is not wrong to say that these are one of the most loveable creatures of God. Perhaps no one in this world hates babies. These are so cute; loveable that one can not keep oneself away from them. Although some are very naughty, yet they attract everyone towards themselves by their activities.

It is commonly seen that boys are more naughty than the girls! It is visible from their very early ages. They like to go outside from the house and play with the neighborhood children in the colony. These are less caring in nature.

Whereas the girls have the reverse nature as compared to the boys. They use to watch the activities of their mothers and try to do the same thing. It can also be seen that the girls have a caring nature from their childhood itself. They keep their eyes on what is happening in the house regularly. If there are five-six members in the house then they are concerned about everyone equally.

One more thing here is worth mentioning that babies have a curious mind to know everything happening around them or anything new. This is because that the memory bank is gaining the things. They like to operate their toys and see what is inside the toys. The very first act is to play for some time with the new toy; and then, after some time, they open it by any means and take a look of the interior of it. And afterwards, they have no concern for this broken toy and then comes the turn of the next one and so on. This is very common among the babies.

Babies have a tendency to do those things what their elders asked not to do in general. Like if they told them not to go outside the baby will definitely go outside whenever he finds a way to go. So this nature of babies could be helpful for the parents in teaching some things by asking in the reverse order to the babies.

Also the babies tend to get attention of everyone present in the room where he himself is by doing activities, which help him to do so. Also they feel shy from the newcomers in the house initially and afterwards mix with them by showing them their toys and all other things.

These are some of the very common behaviors among the children whether they are boys or girls.

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