Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Teething Problems? Can You Help?

It is definitely one of the times in a parent's life when we feel terrible for not being able to help the baby. We know it hurts terribly; that sharp piece of calcium pushing through those tender little gums would be enough to make the toughest of us cringe.

The answer to whether or not there is anything we can do to help the baby feel better is not an easy one since all babies respond to these attempts to comfort them differently. One thing that babies are alike in, however, is that those teeth will eventually start coming in and there's no way around it.

When will the first tooth start pushing through the gums? Most babies get the first tooth at six or seven months, but it could start a few months earlier or later. After the first tooth, the others will start coming every few weeks.

Expect the four front teeth to be the first that arrive, starting with with your sources!!



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