Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Baby and Parenting Websites

by Christina VanGinkel

If you are a brand new parent, thinking of becoming a parent through pregnancy or adoption, or you just learned that you are expecting, head to the Internet for some exciting offers! What is this you might be asking? The Internet is filled with information, freebies, offers, and coupons for expectant and new parents. From magazine subscriptions, to coupons for diapers and formula, and a place to correspond with other new parents, the Internet is today's version of our Grandparent's front porch.

While information and baby gear was once shared and traded among friends and family, and still is sometimes, too often new parents are not as close to family as they would like to be. Many have turned to the Internet for a friendly place to share information about the trials and tribulations, and the joys of child rearing. Many companies have realized that the Internet is a growing place for these new parents to head when they are not in close proximity to family and have joined the cause by offering samples and freebies to these same brand new and expectant parents.

How do you find these offers? Go to any major search engine such as Google, and type in exactly what you are looking for. Free baby formula, free diapers, diaper coupons, new parent group, expectant parent chat, baby products, free baby products, etc. You will be pleasantly surprised with all the links that you find. You can also head directly to the websites of your favorite and better-known baby products, such as Similac, Huggies, Pampers, and Johnson & Johnson. Many of these sites offer coupons for their products along with informational articles, essays, and chat rooms.

A favorite gathering place online, Baby Zone, offers up a bit of all of this and much more. They have links directly to freebies and places to read about other mother's birthing stories, the terrible twos, decorating the nursery, and product comparisons. If you happen to be in the planning stages of pregnancy, they offer information and resources for you too. Their site has links to local resources, where to shop, communities, contests, information on adoption, cord blood storage, toys, even information and opinions on whether to pierce your babies ears or not. If a subject is even remotely associated to babies and birthing, you will be sure to find an article, or at the least, a link to it from within the pages of the Baby Zone website.

A few other great places to checkout include, from the publishers of Parents magazine,,, and Each of these also offers their own unique blend of articles, chat, and links, in community styled websites, which make them easy to navigate and find information. If you are looking for something specific, or just looking to find a gathering place to share stories, check these sites out. You will surely find a site that offers friendship, familiarity, advice, information, tips, and anything else you might hope to gain from a parenting site in general.

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