Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Baby Record Book

by Christina VanGinkel

Rummaging through some boxes in our spare room, I recently turned up my children's baby books. My daughter's was already on top, as she had dug hers out shortly before her son's birth, and had referred to it throughout his first year, making comparisons for fun as to when he did things in regards to when she did the same things, such as when they each got their first tooth. Hers had arrived at an astonishing early two and a half months, while his was very close to the one-year-old mark.

All of my children's baby books contain quite a bit of information from their first year of life. After that, I was not that good about inputting information. Still, I was glad that I had recorded what information I had. Notes about their first weeks at home, their feeding habits, what presents they had received from family and friends, and numerous firsts, such as first smile, first tooth, first haircut, even their first booboo!

Looking these over, I realize they may not be as complete as they could be, but they are a wealth of information as is, or for inclusion in a scrapbook of their lives, a project that I have had on the backburner for some time. I would like to create a scrapbook to give each of them that would highlight their lives from birth through high school graduation. For the same reason my daughter showed such an interest in hers, they would then have a reference, just for fun, for when they each had children of their own.

They could be given as a gift to them when they each had their first child, save for my daughter who has already christened me a grandmother. I could give hers to her whenever the project was complete. A scrapbook fanatic herself, I will most likely be drawing on her expertise to help compile the scrapbooks.

If you have a baby shower you will be attending soon, or need a gift to bring a friend who recently gave birth, consider presenting them with a baby book to chronicle baby's first year, or first several years. What was once available in mostly generic packaging, blue for baby boys, pink for baby girls, and a green or yellow for when the baby's gender was not yet known, are now available in a wide range of patterns and fabrics. I have even come across a baby book that is in essence a memory box with book to help you catalog and store important firsts that may otherwise be kept separate from the book, such as baby's first rattle or favorite toy. My oldest son had a small blanket in the shape of Snoopy, which I would have loved to preserve better than it was. A box such as that would have been ideal. The box was described, along with the pages in the book, as being acid free, another major plus for storage of memorabilia. Well, it is time to get started on those books, as you never know when I might become a grandmother once again!

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