Friday, July 22, 2005

Baby's Old Clothes

Every parent soon discovers that babies grow out of their clothes very quickly. The cute outfit that you purchase with anxious anticipation during pregnancy will probably be too small for your baby after just a few months. Experienced parents know this, and tend to forego expensive name-brand items in order to save a few bucks. But it can be hard for excited first-time parents to pass up all the adorable baby clothing creations that fill the racks of department stores across the country.

When I had my baby, I received so many clothing items as gifts from proud grandparents that I hardly had to buy any baby clothes on my own. My parents and in-laws gave us so many outfits that we couldn't even use them all. It would have just taken too much of an effort to get a regular clothing rotation set up in order to incorporate every single outfit that we had. Consequently, I was left with many brand new outfits (with the tags still on them) that my baby had outgrown. There were several other outfits that had been worn maybe once or twice. What was I supposed to do with those? What should you do with your leftover baby clothes if you are ever faced with the same situation? It would be a shame to just throw those items away.

The easiest thing to do is pack the clothes away and put them in storage. This is probably the route you will want to take if you plan on having more children, or even if you remain undecided about future children. That way you have all the clothing you will ever need for your second child, too. It's important to store the clothes properly to ensure that they will not succumb to such things as humidity or mold, which will destroy them or render them unusable. So, use moth balls, airtight bags, or whatever technique you think is best for long-term storage.

Another thing you can do with your old baby clothes is sell them. There are many second-hand children's clothing stores that would be happy to either purchase your pristine items or take them in on consignment. You can also hold a garage sale or put the clothes up on an auction website. Selling baby clothes that you no longer need is a great way to recoup some money and help out new parents at the same time by giving them a cheaper alternative to retail stores.

Speaking of helping out new parents, you can also just give your clothes away to friends or family members who are expecting. If the clothes are new, you can wrap them up and give them as gifts. If the clothes are slightly used, then it would be tacky to wrap them. Instead, just put them into a nice shopping bag and hand them over without a lot of fuss. This would be a nice gesture, especially if the expectant parents are on a tight budget.

So remember, you don't have to throw those outgrown baby clothes away. Somebody can use them!

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