Friday, July 29, 2005

Gifts for the Baby Who Has Everything

We all know one-- the baby who has everything in the world: lots of fashionable outfits and baby gear, every baby toy in the book, and a really cool nursery. Buying gifts for this type of child can be challenging at best. So what can you by for that baby who already has everything? Here are a few ideas:

Savings Bond. If you purchase a series EE savings bond for Junior, it will be worth more money as time goes on. Savings bonds can be purchased in a variety of increments and are a great investment. Check the Treasury Direct website for the most up to date information on U.S. Savings bonds, including interest rates and maturity dates. You can even order the bonds online. You can start a tradition with this great gift idea.

A scrapbook. If you have a lot of pictures of baby, put them together in a scrapbook. Check your favorite craft store for decorative stickers and background papers to make a wonderful, personalized gift that both mother and baby will enjoy.

Stocks. Get baby's portfolio started by buying him or her a share or two of your favorite stock. Some large companies even offer special stock programs just for kids. Check online for companies that sell framed, decorative stock certificates -- this is especially good if you decide to purchase stock from popular children's companies like Disney.

Piggy bank. It's never too early to start saving, so a piggy bank is a great gift. For something unique, look for a personalized piggy bank or buy a plain one and hand paint it yourself with the baby's name. Of course you'll want to start baby off by putting a few coins in the bank yourself. For older toddlers, check your local toy or discount store for Leapfrog's Super Saver Teaching Bank-- this is a great little savings bank that can help the child learn about coins and program savings goals.

Something personalized. Personalized gifts are all the rage and they are always one of a kind. If baby has a unique name, a personalized gift is especially great. You can buy baby a personalized Christmas tree ornament, a blanket or quilt or a piece of artwork.

A special book. I don't think that any child can have too many books. Start baby's personal library off by purchasing some beautiful children's books that he or she will read for many years to come. Very young babies love board books and these days even some classic children's books are available in board book form. For older babies and toddlers, look for lavishly illustrated picture books. Some suggestions include "I Love You as Much" by Laura Krauss Melmed and "Good Night Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown. Babies also love the Baby Einstein series of books and DVDs.

A gift of your time. This may be the best gift of all. Simply spend the day with the child. Take him or her to the park or a fair or just hang out and play. Even the youngest of children love one on one attention. Sometimes the best gifts don't have to cost a cent.

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