Thursday, July 28, 2005

Parenting Magazine Gift Subscriptions

by Christina VanGinkel

Magazines make excellent gifts for parents both new and experienced. Magazines aimed directly at parents, often offer up a wealth of up to date information on subjects ranging from health and spiritual, to crafts and travel. Chances are if you are shopping for a gift for someone that is hard to buy for, you can find a magazine subscription to match the recipient perfectly. With the Internet so prevalent in most homes today, people often skip purchasing magazines, figuring they can get all the information they need or want online. While that is occasionally true, it does not always work that way, especially if you are a busy parent and do not have an unlimited amount of time to search the Internet for subjects that may be of interest. Many magazines today also coordinate their print version with an online version, making both valuable resources in their own right, and pointing the reader in the direction they want, saving them valuable search time.

A few magazines currently available that have fantastic websites to match include Parents, Working Mother, Parenting, Child, and Family Fun. Each magazine is a wealth of information on issues such as dealing with a crying infant, feeding issues including meals and menu suggestions, travel destination that are kid friendly, crafts to do with kids and for kids to do on their own, education issues, such as readiness for school and dealing with difficult teachers. They also have articles aimed directly at the parents, such as vacation getaways without the kids, how to pick a babysitter, and ways to relieve that tension at the end of the day.

Each of these magazines, as I noted earlier, also has a website with additional information for busy parents. Coupons to save budget minded parents are often available on the websites, as are links to other websites that they feel will help parents save time and get them the information for subjects that are important to parents.

Besides the magazines suggested, there are also a number of other ones available. A quick search online for parent magazines, or family magazines, will provide you with a wealth of choices. If you feel that a matching website is important, do a follow up search for the particular magazine you are considering to see if a matching site is available.

If you choose to give a magazine subscription as a gift, dress it up to make it a more personalized gift than just a card that arrives in the mail. You could purchase the current issue on the newsstand and wrap it with a note to the effect that they have a year, or two year's subscription coming. My favorite way to give a gift subscription is to make a diploma style announcement on my computer. I tie it with a fancy ribbon and give that to the recipient. You could also print a few pages from their website; articles that you feel the new parents might enjoy, and add a card with the subscription information. Either way, any parent will appreciate a gift as thoughtful as one that arrives every month.

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