Sunday, August 28, 2005

Baby Music

When I was pregnant with my son, I read somewhere that listening to classical music could help to increase my baby's intelligence. So I would listen to Mozart and Beethoven CDs every chance I could, hoping to give my baby a head start. When I was in the hospital, included in one of the many goodie bags the hospital gave out as freebies, I even received a free classical CD from a popular maker of baby formula. Titled "Smart Symphonies", it had lovely melodies from Bach, Tchaikovsky and Handel-- it's still one of my son's favorite CDs.

Now that my baby is more of a toddler, he has his own taste in music. In fact, we have quite a collection of his favorite CDs. Here are some great baby friendly music CDs that will keep your baby singing and dancing.

Lori Berkner (Buzz Buzz). This popular children's singer (featured between shows on the television network, Noggin) has so many popular tunes-- and my kids love them all. Some favorites from this CD are "Bumble Bee (Buzz Buzz), "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and "I Really Love to Dance". Berkner's otter CDs, "Victor Vito" and "Whaddya Think of That" contain even more of her popular hits.

Erin Flynn with the Co-op Band (Dreamers of Dreams). This independently released CD features the music of Philadelphia-based Erin Flynn and her band. While not yet a big name star, Flynn has performed terrific shows in my hometown, which is how my kids got to love her music. Featuring songs like "Twinkle" (Erin's version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star") and "Miss Mary Mack", this is one CD you won't hate listening to over and over again in the car. Flynn's CD can be purchased from such online sites as

Mediterranean Lullaby (Ellipsis Arts). Sometimes your baby may be in the mood for soothing lullabies. The lovely music contained on this CD will soothe and calm your tired baby. Beautiful instrumentals featuring flutes and harps are sure to send your baby off into dreamland.

Baby Santa (Baby Einstein Music). This CD was actually included in the "Baby Santa's Christmas Joy" book that I bought for my children last Christmas. With the familiar sound of the music from the Baby Einstein series of videos, this CD is perfect to listen to all year round. Featuring traditional carols like "Silent night" and "Joy to the World" and a special holiday Concert with tunes like "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' and "Hallelujah Chorus", it can be Christmas every day of the year with these joyous melodies. If holiday music isn't your thing, there are many other "Baby Einstein" DVDs available, like "Baby Bach" and "Baby Vivaldi", which feature your baby's favorite songs from the popular series.

And if you want to start your baby out on the right foot while he or she is still in utero, check out the CD "Mozart for Mothers to Be". It will give your baby that head start I was telling you about, while providing a calming background for you to relax to during those hectic and tiring days of pregnancy.

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