Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Planning a Drop-In Baby Shower

Today's women are busier than ever. Of course, today's men often find baby showers on their to do lists as well. If you have a friend who is having a little one and you are thinking of hosting a shower, consider a drop-in shower. It makes every more comfortable. Guests do not have to give up an entire afternoon for the shower. The mom-to-be does not have to provide constant conversation. You do not have to determine how to keep everyone busy for hours. To set up an easy drop-in shower, here are some ideas.

First, plan the afternoon. You will pick an afternoon and have the drop-ins for two to three hours. Everyone should be able to fit that timeframe into her or his schedule. People will stop by, chat, drop off a gift, and leave. You will not be stuck playing games or music or otherwise providing entertainment.

Discuss the guest list with the guests of honor, of course. If you cannot afford a large list or if you have a certain budget in mind, tell them that up front. Most moms-to-be have more than one shower, and some people, like co-workers, do not need to be invited to every one. Be sure that you are clear on how many people you can afford to have at the shower.

Ask people to RSVP. If people do not call by two days after the RSVP date, call them unless they are out of town relatives or friends. In that case, you likely can safely assume a "no," but call everyone locally. Pin them down. You need to know what to expect.

The parents-to-be should have a registry. To cut down on your pre-shower work, find out where the parents are registered for gifts and put that information on the invitation. No, it is not tacky. Remember that everyone else is as busy as you are; that is why you are having a drop-in only shower in the first place. So make it easier on everyone and put the registry information on the card.

Now you will have to provide some type of snack foods. Think small. Provide finger foods only. You can have pigs in a blanket, fresh fruits and vegetables, cupcakes if you must have sweets, already-sliced cheese quesadillas. There are plenty of easy foods to go around.

Use plastic utensils and paper plates. You can purchase nice paper products at a party discount store for little money. It will be much less stressful if everyone can toss her items as she leaves. If you want the added expense, get individual servings on the drinks. You can get juice in small bottles, soft drinks in cans, and milk in pint-sized cartons. Ice and cups are messy and add more hassle. Remember that the goal here is simplicity.

You should provide a baby book for the guests. It should include information the couple knows, such as the sex or the due date. It can have a sonogram picture or other mementos of the pregnancy. There also should be a place for guests to give advice or words of encouragement. This book will help keep the parents from repeating themselves over and over and will give the guests something to keep them occupied on their brief stay.
by Julia Mercer


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