Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Planning Your Baby's Christening

Your baby's Christening day is an important event for your entire family. Because the majority of Christening's take place within six months of a baby's birth, it can also be an overwhelming undertaking for tired, new parents. Here are some tips for simplifying your baby's big day:

Plan ahead. Many churches require that the parents of a newborn must attend preparation classes before the child can be christened. Call your church when you are in the final months of your pregnancy to find out what their requirements are. Even the busiest churches may only christen babies once a month, so find out ahead of time what you need to do so you can be prepared. In addition, if you haven't been going to church lately, don't be surprised if your church expects an explanation-- you may be required to take more thorough classes before your baby can be christened.

Choose your Godparents wisely. Selecting Godparents for your baby is not something that should be taken lightly. Remember, many churches require that the Godparents actively participate in the faith-- the Godparents may even be required to supply your church with a letter from their own church, stating that they are active members. If one of your chosen Godparents doesn't practice your faith, it could cause complications or a delay in your baby's Christening. Make sure you give yourself ample time for unforeseen problems.

Delegate responsibilities. Most families host a celebratory party following the christening ceremony. This can be a fun event, but don't try to do everything yourself (after all, you just had a baby!). Accept offers for help or call your family and friends and ask for assistance with the invitations, the shopping, preparing the food, etc.

If your budget can swing it, consider having the event catered or host it at a restaurant. It will take a huge load off of your shoulders if you don't have to host the party at your own house. You can leave all of the cooking to professionals and you don't even have to clean your house!

If you must host the party at your home, keep it simple. Plan a buffet meal, using make-ahead fare like lasagna or casseroles. Order an already spiral-cut honey baked ham and make a crock pot of meatballs or hot roast beef. If your Aunt Esther is famous for her pasta salad, ask her to bring some along. Order a cake from your favorite bakery and keep yourself out of the kitchen as much as possible-- you should be mingling with your guests instead.

Keep the party short and the guest list small. Your newborn will most likely be overwhelmed by all of the fanfare if you choose to host a blowout gala. Limit the after party to a couple of hours and don't invite everyone in the world-- you will have plenty of opportunities later to host big parties for your baby. Your baby's christening should be a special event just for the closest of your family and friends.

By planning ahead and keeping the event small, you can have a wonderful and memorable Christening day for your precious baby.

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