Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Raising Baby

Most people are settled into a fairly regular routine. Still, there are a number of couples who make big moves with their babies. They discover that they are looking for something different than their local area offers in the way of raising baby. There are a number of factors to consider, but here are some of the major ones. These results come from various statistical bases, such as the United States Census Bureau.

Buffalo, New York tops the list of lowest mortgages. If you want more house for your money, then you should think of relocating here. The average mortgage is only $60,000. If you are looking for high-earning cities, try San Jose, California. Residents here average $70,000 a year, the highest in the nation. California as a whole is the state with the best parental leave system. The state has mandated systems for paid leave for moms and dads.

The not-so-large city of Appleton, Wisconsin boasts the lowest rate of childhood poverty in the United States with less than 10 percent of children raised in poverty. Fairfax County, Virginia, though, is the place for moms and dads who need a job. The less than one percent unemployment rate makes it the most-employed place in the country. If you are looking for a low commuting cost, you may want to give Brownsville, Texas a look. Few people here commute very far, and the gas prices are cheap. That could come in handy these days!

Maryland requires the smallest infant-to-teacher ratio in daycares. The state allows only three children up to 18 months to every teacher. The ratio in most states is six to one. Albany, New York, the capital city and upstate neighbor to frenzied New York City, is considered the most relaxed place to live. The beauty of the mountains added to stable social conditions make this city a great choice for parents with a new bundle of joy.

The folks in Minneapolis read the best in the land. The people there have a higher library circulation and newspaper subscription rate than elsewhere in the country.

Babies and toddlers would especially enjoy Denver and Merced, California. Denver's park system means that almost all residents live within a few blocks of a park. A whopping eleven percent of the people in Merced are younger than five years old. Finding playmates for the little ones in those two cities would be a cinch for busy parents.

If you are looking for a place with plenty of educational opportunities for baby, try Chattanooga, Tennessee. The people there have the world's largest freshwater aquarium. They also have a great zoo and a children's museum.

Should your baby need medical care, Chicago and St. Louis are the places to be. These cities have the largest number of children's hospitals. Boston, though, is the place for mom. This liberal city has the most breastfeeding support in the country. The state of Massachusetts also has the most pediatricians per capita.

Think carefully before you make a move. Check out the effects of these lows, highs, and best-rated markings for what it means for a city where you may live. Then pick the best place for you and baby.
by Julia Mercer

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