Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Work At Home Mom: A Viable Compromise

Many women today find themselves torn when it comes to dealing with their children and their careers. These women want children, and often couples, even very progressive couples, believe that their children would be better off staying with either mom or dad.

Still, while mom probably makes less money, her career may be very important to her. Giving up that career may not seem to be an option. What is the solution to this dilemma?

One option for many families may be for mom to start a home-based business. These businesses can be run from a corner or your home, the garage, or a separate room. They have several advantages for the working couple with small children, making them a viable option for many families.

The first advantage is that depending on the business, it can take only a couple of hours a day. If you start an affiliate marketing website, for example, once you have passed the initial set-up of the site, you may need to spend only an hour a day updating articles, checking email, and doing other minor administrative work.

If you are crafty, you may opt for a craft-based home business. You can do that by selling the crafts at festivals or by offering them to local retailers who may want to have them in their stores.

In addition to the time constraints, you will find that you can work your business around your other needs. One of the biggest regrets of Moms and Dads who do not have flexible working arrangements is that they miss much of their little one's childhoods - from soccer matches to school recitals.

Work at home moms have an advantage here, too. Instead of having to take vacation or personal time, you can simply go to the school play and work later in the day or get up early in the morning. This flexibility will help you to work your life around your children instead of the other way around.

A third benefit of working from home is that you have a less stressful work environment. That does not mean that with a baby at home, domestic responsibilities, and work requirements you will not be busy. You will, but the pressure comes from you and your family, not from an external force, such as a boss. That means that you can cut back when needed or focus on one area instead of having someone else dictate your plans.

Working from home also benefits your family because you will have control over your income. Instead of being tied to the income you came in with and making only miniscule raises, you will be able to expand your business when necessary and feasible to make sure that you are making the money you want to make.

These benefits all will help your family because you will be with them. Instead of having someone else see your baby's first steps, you can be there at the same time that you are modeling the values of work ethic and entrepreneurship to your child.
by Julia Mercer

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