Monday, September 05, 2005

10 Things a New Baby Needs

Often when we are invited to a baby shower or even if we just have a friend or family member who welcomes a new baby into the family, we struggle with what to choose as a gift. The sky is the limit as far as options with everything from making our own gift, such as knitting a sweater or booties, to the very elaborate gifts, such as fancy bassinets, car seats, and play yards. To make it easier on us all, there are ten basic necessities that every baby needs; or rather, that every new parent needs to care for their new bundle of joy.

1. Diapers. This may seem like a no-brainer but rare are the new parents who receive diapers as a gift. Diapers are expensive and are one of the basic necessities for the first couple of years of the new baby's life.

2. Wipes. Along with diapers, baby wipes are used every day, several times each day. Not only are wipes handy at changing time, but they can also be used to wipe baby's face and hands, as well as wipe down the high chair, car seat, or anything else that needs cleaning. A very useful gift.

3. Blankets. You can crochet your own or buy them in a whole range of prices, colors and styles. In the end, any baby blanket will do. These are used for sleeping, nursing, cuddling, or providing a place for baby to lay on the floor in someone else's home.

4. Onesies. Onesies are the perfect little invention that keep baby clothed and all in one piece. Onesies can be used for special outings, for baby's days at home, or even as pajamas. Onesies are comfortable and cozy for babies and they don't come apart like two-piece outfits.

5. Pajamas. Even if you prefer onesies, soft baby pajamas are a great gift; and again, baby can spend his day in his pajamas, especially if it is a stay-at-home day.

6. Towels. Baby towels are smaller and softer than the towels we use. In order to protect a newborn's soft skin after bath time, consider getting the new parents in your life a gift of baby towels.

7. Pacifiers. Many parents will tell you they do not believe in using pacifiers and don't want them; but buy them anyway. After a few weeks of sleep deprivation, most young parents will see the benefit of a pacifier and use them with much gratitude!

8. Washcloths. Much like the towels, washcloths are a baby necessity, but washcloths can be used for so many more things. Plus, baby washcloths are small and can be easily lost, like socks. Be sure to buy a whole stack.

9. Diaper rash ointment. It seems that no matter how clean a baby is kept, diaper rash is inevitable at some point. Diaper rash ointment soothes the baby's sensitive skin and protects it from further rash.

10. Shampoo. Remember the no-more-tears commercials on TV? Baby shampoo is gentle and doesn't hurt baby's sensitive eyes. Plus, the scent is heavenly on that soft baby hair.

The best part about all these suggestions is that they are inexpensive and many of the ideas can be bundled together in a larger gift. Shower the new parents in your life with some or all of these basic necessities for their new baby.

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